Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

As leader, I am safe, confident, and understand how to interact with dogs so they feel safe, confident and understood.

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Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training

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Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training

When I was in human massage school I loved the last six months. That’s where the magic appeared.  I realized my calling, my gift, was in the realm of “energy healing”.  My massage student friends described what they felt. They talked about the heat, the vibrations, the opening of energy gates, the sense of flow, of calm, peace, and deep relaxation, when my hands moved on and over their body.

What I just described is similar to the hands-on techniques that Jonathan teaches in the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.  Some of the modalities Jonathan teaches are described in the book “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan.  Barbara was an inspiration to us. We met her many years ago during a workshop lecture she was giving in Miami, Florida. Someone asked her how they should choose a new career. She shared with the group that when choosing a new career, it is important to recall what made you happy as a child.  She said, “Remember what activity made you feel on purpose, and do that.”

Of course, when we ask our students that question, they announce their main purpose was to be of service to dogs, love them, help them, support them to be happier and healthier.

We, Jonathan and I, welcome you to advance your hands-on skills in the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.  The workshop begins with a review of your body mechanics. After that, you will learn practical chakra balancing, pendulum testing, advanced positional release, healing touch, polarity balancing, and much more.  We end with marketing, and affirmative goal setting. It’s a wonderful 5 days. 

The home-study module of your advanced program is based on Jonathan’s experience practicing canine massage for over 20 years. This is the professional level content that will provide you with more understanding and depth of knowledge as an Advanced PetMassage Practitioner. It includes canine anatomy, medical terminology, and easy-to-learn and-remember conditions, precautions, and medical procedures that you will encounter with the dogs in your practice. 

The energy work hands-on techniques and advanced anatomy/pathology combine to benefit you, the practitioner, to be a more tuned-in facilitator for dogs and to connect more clearly, confidently, and professionally with dog owners and veterinarians. With this Program you will earn the requisite hours of training to sit for the NCBAAM national certification exam.

We invite you to register for the PetMassage Advanced Level Program (provided you attended the PetMassage Foundation Level Program). We have two PetMassage Advanced Level Programs scheduled in 2019, March 18-22, 2019 and August 12-16, 2019.

Register online and choose which workshop and how you would like to pay: full payment, deposit, or payment plan.

Anastasia Rudinger

With PetMassage advanced training I am more tuned-in to the needs of dogs. I integrate, massage energy work and with Western medical approaches I now have the skills to help my canine clients become more balanced.

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Resource conservation. We all want to be as efficient with our resources…

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Resource conservation. We all want to be as efficient with our resources as possible. Time and money, these are our scarcest resources. These are the reasons we get so many requests for home study programs. With online and home study courses you get to work from home at your own pace and save the money you’d have to spend for travel, accommodations and restaurants. We get that. We agree, to a point. We have several home study programs independent of workshops. We designed PetMassage programs so that you can spend the minimum time and the least amount of money and still get substantial, meaningful training.

The technical material in the Foundation Level Program are the canine anatomy and business development/marketing. These are subjects you can easily learn by yourself at home.

However, I cannot imagine how you could learn canine massage as an art, a hands-on skill set, as a home study course. It’s in the workshop where you learn that canine massage is a multifaceted art. Watch the videos on our Youtube channel You’ll see that the massage we teach is not one-size-fits-all. Each dog has different needs. Each dog deserves and gets individualized treatment.

It is worth repeating that it is essential to have an experienced instructor show you how it’s done and correct you while you learn. That’s how you create correct muscle memory. Otherwise the massage you give is essentially going to be your interpretation of what you think you read in books and watched on videos. What you think is PetMassage will not be that different from the dog petting you do now. Without one-on-one instruction and intervention, you will not have really learned any new ways of doing anything. Where’s the value in that investment?

The time you need to invest for meaningful training is the time you put in studying and practicing before and after your workshop. The workshop is an extended weekend, Thursday-Monday, designed for people who want to take the minimum time away from their current job. It is one 5-day hands-on training intensive. 

The program has one fee that covers everything except your travel and expenses while staying in Toledo. Toledo has reasonable hotel rates and great food at great prices. The course fee includes the home study courses, all your books and DVDs, and the onsite workshop. Meaningful training does take an investment of your time and money. You get what you pay for. PetMassage provides comprehensive, professional level vocational training.

Register for the Workshop you’d like to take. Perhaps you’re a water baby and want to learn and practice Canine Aquatic Massage. Check out the PetMassage WaterWork Program. It’s offered 3 times a year.
Here’s the link to the calendar of workshops.

  • How am I going to get the best training in canine massage for the least investment of time and money? REGISTER!
  • Who’s going to find success and self-fulfillment in their new career? ME!
  • When’s the best time for you to register for your workshop? NOW!

I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with you.

Staying in “touch,”

Jonathan Rudinger

Founder and instructor, PetMassage

I find success and a new fulfilling career at PetMassage

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Listen to the guidance of your Divine self.

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The first day of the PetMassage Foundation Level Program is filled with happiness, empowerment and wonder. Jonathan and I (Anastasia) greet our new students and welcome them into our PetMassage tribe of canine massage practitioners.

Our students come from all walks of life and they have these things in common: they all love dogs and understand that they can help dogs and society when they practice canine massage. Their backgrounds are diverse and so are their ages, 18 through 75. 

I truly understand what it takes to move on and do what you want to do. I left the corporate world when my intuition kicked in to tell me I must.  I was well paid and well respected with every position I held. Yet after 25 years, I was unhappy. Feeling controlled by someone else’s ideas, rules, and regulations, I listened to the wisdom of my higher self. I heard “go to massage school.”  I made the decision to do it, to quit the corporate world. I would be my own boss. I went to the Chicago School of Massage and became a massage therapist. I was the one in control. I was joyful!

You can do something that makes you happy and free. You can be someone who is loyal to your true self.

Our PetMassage students want an independent life, creating their own rules of doing business, choosing the hours they work, the types of dogs they work with, and pursuing the type of work that most appeals to them: athletic dogs, rehab, senior dogs, or perhaps with grooming or puppy training.

This may be what you always wanted to do, beginning when you were a young child.  As a child you watched over your family dogs and understood them. You helped the injured and the strays. You were the one who took on the responsibility of taking loving care of dogs. With PetMassage, as a Certified Canine Massage Practitioner, you have a new adult career, doing what you love.

During the PetMassage Foundation Level Program you will learn the basics of the skills you need to practice canine massage. As a Rebirther, a Conscious Connected Breathing Practitioner, I know that everything begins, and can be resolved, with breathing. It is the same with PetMassage. In this program, you learn to combine your breath with proper body mechanics, and incorporate them in all the Foundation Level techniques such as massage touch, strokes, skin rolling, joint mobilization, therapeutic stretching, grounding, gait and body observation, and documentation. The workshop part of the Program includes two ½-day mini-workshops. One is in body mechanics for canine massage practitioners and another in effective dog handling skills.

In addition to the above hands-on modalities, the Program includes 3 home-study courses in canine anatomy, marketing, and dog handling skills.

We pledge to support our PetMassage practitioners (free of charge) for as long as you practice PetMassage.  Whenever you have questions about massage techniques, specific concerns, marketing, and legal issues, we help you quickly and complimentary.

I love to inspire students to honor themselves and affirm and empower their personal and professional lives. I encourage you to honor your own divine self.

Attend the PetMassage Foundation Level Program workshop.

Become the best PetMassage practitioner possible. Jonathan is an excellent instructor. He will teach you all the massage skills you need to know to begin a successful practice.  You will enjoy his passion and loving sense of humor. Link to Testimonials   You are welcome to register online. Pay in full, or pay ½ as a deposit. If you would like a convenient monthly payment plan, call or text Beth at 800-779-1001, outside the U.S. please call 1-419-475-3539.

Register for your workshop soon. We look forward to sharing our passion and expertise in canine massage with you. 


I honor the intentions of my Devine self.

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I use PetMassage WaterWork to help dogs feel calm, comfortable, and blissful.

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PetMassage WaterWork for Dogs – Happiness for the Dog, Facilitator and Dog Owner

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PetMassage WaterWork for Dogs – Happiness for the Dog, Facilitator and Dog Owner

Many years ago, I was introduced to the warm water massage technique for humans called “Watsu”.  Watsu, for me, is a deep healing, joyful session taking place in a very warm (98-104 degrees F) spacious pool or large hot tub with dim lights, flowing music, and a nurturing, skillful, intuitive facilitator. During the hour session, I remained on my back while the practitioner held my shoulders, upper back, legs or neck to sway my body and keep it afloat.

My most memorable “Watsu” experience took place, early 2003 just prior to our official announcement of creating our PetMassage WaterWork Program.   My Watsu session was so gentle, rhythmic, and loving I lost my train of busy thoughts and simply felt my body and the water.   I felt cradled, rocked and swaddled by the warm waves of water.  When the session was near closure I was lifted gently to stand in the water and bask in the glow of the pleasurable session.  I began to giggle and sob at the same time.  I was indeed in the state of bliss.

When our “Splash Pool” for our WaterWork workshops was installed Jonathan, my husband and instructor of the PetMassage WaterWork Programs practiced on our dogs. They were Oskar, our boxer and Jacques a Poodle Doo, our standard poodle.  I was the fortunate human to receive practice sessions of upressure Points, “floating” (similar to Watsu) as Jonathan developed the initial set of procedures and protocols of the canine water massage training. The “floating sessions” I received are still given to the students attending the canine aquatic massage workshop. During their training every student has the opportunity to experience “floating” and also observe the other students as they float. They notice the end result of calm, comfort and blissful peace.  With that “floating” experience for the students, they are then able to project how at peace the dog could feel.

Jonathan is the official trainer of PetMassage WaterWork, Canine Aquatic massage. He teaches students a variety of movements and massage techniques to apply on the dogs.

There’s another technique that Jonathan does and teaches that speaks to my spirit. Part of the dry PetMassage that is taught in the Foundation Level Program, is a way of still-holding combined with observing movements within the body. Jonathan has a way of teaching this that turns this advanced EnergyWork skill into something natural and easy. This is now the Positional Release that is taught in the Advanced WaterWork workshop. WaterWork – 2 is instruction of variations of dry PetMassage techniques, including Positional Release and stretching, with dogs that are on submerged platforms.

Do you love dogs?  Do you love being in water too?  I think you’ll love this workshop.

Here is a link to testimonials from our WaterWork students.

Our PetMassage WaterWork Programs are taught off-site at The Dog Dive in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We have scheduled May 6-11. 2019July 22-27, 2019 and October 14-19, 2019.  They are held on Monday through Saturday which includes PetMassage WaterWork 1 and 2.

You are welcome to pay in full, or pay ½ as a deposit (online). To use our convenient monthly payment plan, call or text Beth at 800-779-1001, outside the U.S. call 1-419-475-3539

Here’s a link to the details of the PetMassage WaterWork Programs 1

Blessings to you,


Pet Naissage?

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Pet Naissage?

Anita Pitts, PetMassage Foundation Level Program of February 2017, wrote, sharing her moment when the light bulb went on. I recognize this as something significant that you can apply to your canine massage practice. Here’s her initial email, my response, and her essay.

Anita writes:

I’ve been doing pet massage and nail trimming. I started the nail trimming because, I see it like this. I can do all the massaging, and make pets feel good. But how can anyone feel good if it hurts to walk with long nails. So that has been my quest.

As you may know most dogs are afraid of getting their nails trimmed for many reasons; trauma from not getting permission, to cutting the quick. So, I mainly trimmed pet nails. Something just wasn’t clicking with the pet massage.

I’ve read all the emails you sent. Then one day the light bulb came on and I went back to the basics, reread course books and watched your videos. Asking for permission, breath, move slower, and listen. Those were my issues on my final video demo.

My response:

My attention has recently been drawn to long nails too. Especially this last year. I agree; massage alone cannot be effective unless walking is comfortable.

You’ve discovered a perfect combination. Would you will be willing to write a short essay on this – pretty much what you wrote here – so I can share your insights with the people who subscribe to my blog?

Here you go Jonathan.



Pet Naissage?

About a year and a half ago I massaged a dog named Lucy, a 13 yr old, schnauzer mix.    She hated to walk on a leash, would not let me touch her, she would snap, bite and throw a fit.  She had to wear a muzzle. Owner wasn’t sure if anything physically was wrong with her.

About a month ago Lucy’s owner called to see if I would trim her nails, because she couldn’t, and the vet would have to tranquilizer her.

I’ve never had a dog that I couldn’t trim its nails and wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do with Lucy.

So, what does pet massage have to do with nail trimming?  Everything!! That’s when the light bulb came on.

What I learned at PetMassage.  I incorporated in trimming nails.

Working with animals Is about being a leader, breathing, being aware, patient, and getting permission.

That’s what I did.  It took about 2 hrs. First, we went on a walk. She did awesome. Next vectoring and assessment strokes.

Lucy stood still with the aide of her owner holding her head gently massaging and breathing.  I was able to cut her nails short and file them. Lucy’s owner couldn’t believe it. I’m still taking it in.

Dangers of long nails:

  • nails digging in paws cause discomfort walking, standing or running,
  • prone to split and break up to the quick, extremely painful
  • *According to the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) can cause the nail and even the bone structure of the leg to become deformed. Most importantly a dogs nails are part of their anatomy and having nails that are too long can alter the way in which your dog moves and carries itself. The altered position causes the bones in the feet to sit at a different angle, which in turn puts pressure on joints. Over time this can cause significant joint pain and lead to arthritis.*

Regular nail trimming will cause the quick (blood vessel) to recede resulting in shorter nails.

When trimming nails cut a little at a time. There’s a nerve that causes pain, dogs will let you know when it’s close enough, go slow. Have a jar of septic powder available to stop bleeding and pain.

Nails are too long if you hear clicking when walking, nails touching the floor or extending over paw pad.

Trim every 1-2 months. Depending on dogs environment. Weekly trimming may be required to encourage quick to recede.  I prefer safari nail trimmers.

There is no need to be embarrassed, cut them yourself or have someone do it. “SMILE” As Jonathan would say.

-Anita H. Pitts, PetMassage Practitioner in Mayfield KY

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