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Merry Christmas 

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Merry Christmas 

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We wish you the best, most beautiful New Year. 


-The human and canine critters of PetMassage

PetMassage Training and Research Institute YouTube videos

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PetMassage Training and Research Institute YouTube videos

Happy Holidays.

This weekend, as you celebrate with the vivacious thrilling and all-absorbing company of your adoring family, and you are covertly searching for some meaningful entertainment on your mobile device, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel: PetMassage Training and Research Institute.

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Visit our home page. Tap the little red icon at the top of our homepage and it will take you there.

These are some of the 30+ short videos from the last few months.

  • Massage in Canine Rehabilitation
  • Transitions
  • PetMassage for Kids
  • The PetMassage Assessment Stroke
  • Keywords vs Key Actions
  • PetMassage Franchise School – Teach Canine Massage
  • Canine Massage is a Profession
  • Time is Right for PetMassage
  • In PetMassage, Our Hands are our Primary Tools
  • Lethargic Dog Massage
  • Hands to Paws: Application of Techniques for foreleg massage
  • Prepare your hands before giving PetMassage
  • Using your Elbows in Canine Massage
  • Kennel Cough Helped with Massage
  • Force Be with You – Stay Strong and Stable with Centered Awareness
  • Protect Yourself and Your Dog with Grounding & Clearing Your Energy Fields
  • Massage with Dogs that Limp
  • Massage Dog Lymphatics for Their Health and Happiness
  • Canine massage on table vs floor
  • Art and Essence of Canine Massage
  • PetMassage of The Thorax
  • Massage skill: skin rolling
  • Massage for Dogs who get spring and summer allergies.
  • Canine Aquatic Massage WaterWork is PetMassage
  • Massage for dogs to help with bad breath
  • Moving like a Potted Palm
  • Dog Lips, The Flew
  • PetMassage Classroom Tour
  • Tai Chi 8-Way Breathing in PetMassage
  • You Got A New Puppy! Massage Time!
  • How to Quiet Your Dog with Meditation
  • How Massaging Your Dog Helps You!
  • Why Should You Massage Your Dog?


PetMassage™ Anatomical Charts: The Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

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PetMassage™ Anatomical Charts: The Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

PetMassage charts are each 11” x 14”, laminated. These are perfect gifts this holiday season, for the dog lovers who need to know the specifics of canine anatomy. These are popular with vet techs, vet assistants, dog shelter workers, dog trainers, handlers, walkers, groomers, people who dream of going to vet school someday, and bodyworkers, especially massage therapists. Choose the charts that best suit your needs and order them today during the Happy Holiday Sale.

Contours & Boney Landmarks of the Dog
Essential information for being able to name and visualize identifiable landmarks on the dog’s body. This chart helps to develop a shared vocabulary when communicating with others about their dogs.

Skeleton of the Dog
Identify the bones of the skeleton so that you can visualize their size, shape, location and relationship to adjacent structures while you massage and treat dogs.

Superficial Muscles of the Dog
Identify the muscle structures closest to the surface, beneath the layers of coat and skin. The Superficial Muscles are the ones that are influenced most with the pressure we apply in massage. These are the muscles that you will refer to and document in your client notes.

Dog Joints and Ligaments
Identify the joints and ligaments on the skeleton of the dog. All skeletal movement occurs at the joints. Joints are supported, strengthened, and their movement is directed by the ligaments. Muscles pull at the bones while ligaments determine where and how much the bones move. These are the structures that you will refer to and document in your client notes.

 Chakra & Energy Levels of the Dog
Identify the patterns and layers of Chakras and energy levels of the dog. These are essential concepts and areas for visualization for advanced canine massage. Includes a Chakra table denoting associated color, sound, gland, and action.

Take advantage of the 20% Off and Free Shipping (in the US).

The PetMassage Happy Holiday Sale runs now through January 16th, 2019.


The human and canine critters of PetMassage

PetMassage Books: Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life 

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PetMassage Books: Perfect Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life 

Jonathan has written several Books for your PetMassage instruction. They are perfect gifts for dog lovers this holiday season. Choose the books that best suit your needs and order them today while the Happy Holiday Sale is on. 

Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage™

“PetMassage creates an ambient environment within the dog’s body and mind by combining touch, and compassionate active presence.” This is a comprehensive text for those who want to learn and practice canine massage professionally. And, those who are serious about learning to massage their own dogs. This text includes discussions on benefits for dogs, their owners, and practitioners, massage theory, vocabulary, hand and body skills, body and breath mechanics, canine behavior, and wholistic observation skills. This book is one the of texts for the Foundation Level PetMassage Vocational Training Program. 305 pages. Link to YouTube video 

PetMassage™ Energy Work with Dogs, Accessing the Magnificent Body Language and Body Wisdom of the Dog

PetMassage affects the mind, body and spirit of the dog. Every human culture since the dawn of time has developed and used some form of massage for purposes both therapeutic and pleasurable. These lessons are all about energy, in all its forms, with instructions for how to incorporate energy work in your canine massage. This is a reinterpretation of adapted Swedish massage, Positional Release, Acupressure, Healing Touch, Chakra balancing and more. This instruction will take your canine massage to a new level of understanding and application.  326 pages. 

PetMassage™ for the Family Dog     

You already massage your dog. Everyone does. And, the skills you learn here will make your massage more effective in keeping your dog healthy and happy. The descriptions are fun to read. The instructions are easy to follow. There are abundant illustrations, and a complete pictorial PetMassage demonstration. Your dogs will benefit with specific massage applications for their hips, spines, and respiratory systems. This is an enjoyable book the entire family can use to learn how to massage their dogs at home. 164 pages. 

Transitions: PetMassage™ Energy Work for the Aging and Dying Dog

Transitions are shifts. They happen throughout our dogs’ lives. Birth, weaning, housebreaking, injuries, diseases, adjusting to changes in the family or changing rituals, diets, and environments; these are all stressful events in your dogs’ lives that massage can help. The most confounding transitions, at least for us caregivers, is the final one, as your dog transitions from this life plane to his next. This book shares the story of Oskar, the boxer and the Transitions massage that helped us accept his passing as a joyful event rather than a tragedy. 104 pages.  Link to YouTube video 

Creating and Marketing Your Animal Massage Business

Your business creation is a direct reflection of who you are. Your business will be an extension of you. It will have your personality, your style, your intention, and your joy. Let’s make it an exercise that is easy and naturally flowing. This is a guide that was written from the perspective of massage therapist who’s been there and done that-not a business analyst who sees the process as complicated and difficult. It’s not. This delightful how-to create a business book is easy to read, and easy to follow. There are basic concepts and processes you need to know for beginning your canine massage or any other business. Learn about planning, developing support networks, licensing, figuring out demographics, promotion, and more. This little book is supports and guides you from the conception of your idea, to naming it, to success. 175 pages. 

Dogs Kids PetMassage™

A balanced dog is a dog that is healthy and happy. His quality of life is even better when he gets massage. A happy kid is a child who learns to incorporate massage in their dog care-taking. There’s more here that ads value to these lessons. While they learn about massage, kids learn important life lessons including observing and controlling their signals, their body language, respect, sharing, recognizing personal space, dog handling and safety. This is part of the PetMassage for Kids Program endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America®. 127 pages. Link to YouTube video 

How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence

Massage is especially helpful to senior dogs because it increases flexibility, respiration, lymphatic drainage, circulation and overall comfort. They all combine to promote positive healthy changes in his body. Is your dog a senior? Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan his body with your hands and know where the tightness and restrictions are located? Learn how to massage your senior dog and make him feel better. Follow the instructions and help them optimize the quality of their lives. 183 pages.

Take advantage of the 20% Off and Free Shipping (in the US)  

The PetMassage Happy Holiday Sale runs now through January 16th, 2019.


  • The Human and Canine Critters of PetMassage

Happy Holiday Sale

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Happy Holiday Sale

From today until January 16, 2019 

20% Off* All PetMassage



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Massage in Canine Rehabilitation 

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Massage in Canine Rehabilitation 

The goals for massage in canine rehabilitation are to maintain, restore, and enhance the recovering dog after injury. It includes restoring function to the injured point plus relaxing those areas that have been compensating while the injury heals.

Simply put, the goal is to enhance the dog’s quality of life. Massage helps the dog move better, feel better, think more clearly, and be happier.

Canine rehabilitation increases:

  • Toe touching and weight bearing
  • Balance
  • Confidence

Techniques in human and animal massage that we’ve been using for thousands of years are:

  • Touching
  • Holding
  • Stretching
  • Squeezing
  • Applying and releasing pressure
  • Moving joints
  • Facilitating movement in water

These first and ancient techniques are still relevant in modern veterinary medicine, especially with rehabilitation.

Working with the body’s own resources, the intended effects of massage techniques are:

  • Relaxation
  • Increased blood/lymph circulation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased strength
  • Increased stamina
  • Reduced spasming/cramping
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced soreness/discomfort

When we think of rehabilitation, our minds automatically go to physical therapy. Fix the mechanics. That’s the appropriate focus in veterinary education.

Rehabilitation, now a significant part of the practice of modern veterinary medicine, combines the most advanced techniques in PT and vet med. It is important to note that both of these are based on – and enhanced with – the ancient, tried and true, hands-on practice of massage.

The focus of massage is the soft tissue: the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Hands-on massage identifies and resolves areas that have meaningful variations in temperature, texture, shape, and reactivity. By gently easing them back into balance, massage restores movement.

Massage enhances:

  • Movement
  • Gait
  • Postural alignment
  • Healing effects of hydration, sleep, play, digestion & elimination

Massage is difficult to quantify since in addition to addressing the physical body, it also speaks to the thought/emotional processes that the injury incapacitated. Comprehensive rehabilitation is always more complicated than simply treating the specific injury. There are often deeper reasons for why the injury happened or why it is not healing on schedule.

Rehabilitation often needs repetition and consistency. That said, there is no set number of treatments for specific injuries. Protocols must be tailored to the needs of the dog. And, the convenience of their owners.

Dogs respond well to massage. Just like people though, every dog is different. And, every dog has its day. Some will be complete with one session; some are good with two, and some may require a series of treatments. They are re-evaluated by the canine massage practitioner at the end of each session and by their caregivers everyday at home. Together they develop the perfect plan that will best fit the dog.

We cannot overdose on love, caring and support. Massage, by definition, is nurturing touch.  It is always in our dogs best interest to provide more massage rather than less.

I invite you to watch the YouTube video in which I describe and demonstrate a rehabilitation massage.

Would you like to learn the PetMassage form to massage dogs? Would you like to train to practice canine massage professionally? Training courses for certification are available as hands-on workshops and home study courses. You can also learn the basics of canine massage with PetMassage books and videos.

Call to Action:

Learn the canine massage skills needed in rehabilitation in these 2 PetMassage Programs: Foundation and Advanced Levels of dry massage and PetMassage WaterWork-Aquatic Canine Massage. Here’s the link to the 2019 workshop calendar.

With massage I help my dog move and feel better. We share in the happiness

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Confident Dog Handling in Canine Massage / Yoga consciousness [PetMassage™ Streaming Video & Download]

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Confident Dog Handling in Canine Massage / Yoga consciousness [PetMassage™ Streaming Video & Download]

The Dog Handling in Canine Massage, Yoga Consciousness streaming video & download offers important insights into canine behavior and body language. This is instruction you need to know for your practice: essential dog handling skills.

In your canine massage practice you must be available, capable, and willing to work with a large variety of dogs and dog situations. You may feel hesitant or apprehensive when confronted with dogs that are strong, large, and willful.

These techniques are for your physical and spiritual safety and also for the physical and emotional safety of the dogs you will be handling.

For a safe and effective practice, you must learn to understand and “speak” the language, “canine.” It is the language of nature. The origins for this language are derived from the yoga practice and philosophy.

Learn how to create an environment for your session that is calm, peaceful, nurturing, and especially, safe. Breathing and body language will enable you to protect yourself, and, how to discourage dangerous situations.

This streaming video & download addresses several behaviors you will encounter during each phase of a canine massage session. They include teeth baring, snapping, pawing, and licking. Learn and practice what the pack leader does to command the respect and obedience of other dogs. Learn how, for the brief time you are with your canine client, to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Running time: 60 minutes

Cost: $25

PetMassage Private Sessions

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PetMassage Private Sessions

Canine PetMassage™

Dogs at all stages of life, just like humans, derive tremendous benefits with PetMassage™. All breeds, sizes, ages, and conditions benefit.

Jonathan has worked with lap dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, agility dogs, service dogs, security dogs, search and rescue dogs, and hundreds of family pets.

For active dogs, PetMassage™ helps overworked and compensating muscles by enhancing strength, flexibility, endurance, conditioning, and wellness maintenance.

For inactive and/or indoor dogs, PetMassage™ helps renew skin, coat, joint mobilization, improved isotonic and isometric movements, lymphatic movement. The end result is a stimulated and refreshed dog.

For geriatric and hospice dogs, PetMassage™ is meditation with touch to help you and your dog share memories and emotions while bidding each other goodbye. This palliative care helps comfort your dog’s body and gentle their spirit, while offering you emotional support and an encouraging experience. Jonathan is here to support you both.

Session Details:

  • Canine home appointments available with addition travel fee.
  • Duration of session based on the individual needs of each dog.

Human / People Massage

You will get tremendous benefits from a full body massage as well. Jonathan is an RN, LMT practicing since 1997. Jonathan’s massage techniques has evolved and gentled with strong influences of Orthobionomy, myofasial work, and Swedish massage.  Jonathan’s massage is quiet, gentle, powerfully nurturing and effective.

On-site Fee:

  • $65 per 1 Hour Human Session
  • $65 per Canine Massage Session



PetMassage Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD] and Kids Doggie Songs CD

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PetMassage Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD] and Kids Doggie Songs CD 

PetMassage™ A Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD]

Everybody loves massage…especially dogs. Everybody can learn to give PetMassage™ …especially kids. This DVD is a great complement to the book Dogs Kids PetMassage™!

This video, for the first time, introduces children to the skills of canine massage in a genuine, respectful lesson. Join Mari, Brianna and their friends as they learn to PetMassage™ their dogs in a Kid’s PetMassage™ for Dogs workshop.

Kids and parents learn together the difference between PetMassage™ and petting, the importance of asking permission before touching, and how to use all 5 senses in a dog’s PetMassage™. In a fun lively round-table conclusion, puppets review the many benefits they get from PetMassage™.

Bonus Menu Features:

  • Study Guide
  • Resources History of Animal Massage
  • CD Sample and more!

Suitable for Ages 7-12

The PetMassage™: A Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs (DVD) is endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America® and is the educational material for a skills merit patch in PetMassage™.

Cost: $17.95

PetMassage Kids Doggie Songs CD

Music and lyrics composed by Jonathan Rudinger and performed by Charlie Oswanski.

Songs: Thank You for My PetMassage / On My Face/ Where Did I Put My Tail? / Head Withers Stifles Toes / Wag Your Tail / What Do You Do To Do What You Want To Do? / Walk to Me Curvy-Swervy / Respected / Sometimes / No Grabbing / Thank you, thank you. Thank you for my Pet-Mas-sage.

Ages 5 and up.

Cost: $12.95