Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

This moment, I have a commitment to learn PetMassage for dogs. I am manifesting my vision for my future, NOW.

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PetMassage Programs and workshops

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We talk a lot about PetMassage Programs and workshops. If you an experienced workshop attendee, you know what to expect. And, it’s all good! It is possible that you have never before signed up for a workshop; especially a vocational training workshop. “What are they?”  “What can I expect?” “Am I comfortable taking 5 days for myself?” “Am I okay with traveling and staying at a hotel with my dog for the training?” You are not the first person with these questions.

For the last 20+ years we taught over 300 canine massage training workshops. PetMassage is a pioneer in the canine massage industry with an excellent reputation.  Our focus is only on canines. People just like you (actually no one is just like you) have overridden their doubts, trusted their intuition, and traveled to Toledo Ohio for a joyous, life transforming workshop experience in which they immerse themselves in dogs and massage. You can, too. Testimonials

When’s the best time for you to decide to learn canine massage and begin your practice of it? (Trick question: its rhetorical.) The correct answer is obviously: NOW. Affirmations only actualize when they are supported with Action.

Canine massage is a hands-on trade. By definition, it requires hands-on, one-on-one instruction. The core training elements for each of the 3 PetMassage training programs are their hands-on workshops.

The workshop is the most important part of the program. That’s where you really learn the hands-on art of canine massage. The Foundation Level is offered 5 times a year. The Advanced Level, twice, and the Canine Aquatic Massage Levels 1 and 2, are offered 3 times a year. Choose the workshop that is offered on the dates that are most convenient for you.

It is imperative to have an experienced instructor show you how it’s done and correct and guide you when you return demonstrate. Otherwise the massage you give is essentially your interpretation of what you think you read and watched on videos. Without personal instruction it is not training. It’s random, guesstimate touch. What you think is canine massage is simply a variation on the petting you do now, without training.

In PetMassage workshops, students learn to use their bodies, hearts, and minds with intentionality; so that their touch is correct. Each movement is clean, clear, safe, ergonomically comfortable, and productive. Our graduates can be confident that their massage enhances the lives of dogs.

In PetMassage you need to know more than how to move your hands over the dog’s body. Each program includes the technical content that provides meaning and purpose for the massage. Each program includes home study courses, required research, canine massage practice sessions, and a set of videos; all of which are reviewed and critiqued before certification is awarded. It sounds like a lot. And, it is. Based on our experience, we know these are all essential parts of the joyful journey you are on to get you where you want to be!

You receive on-going support from PetMassage regarding anatomy, hands on skills, marketing and legal information as long as you continue to practice PetMassage.

There are payment options for paying workshop fees. This discounted price is already listed on the website.

  • Pay in full when you register.
  • Pay 50% deposit at the time of your registration and pay the balance on the first day of the workshop.
  • Set up a convenient monthly payment plan to pay for your workshop in installments. $2000 may be a challenge to gather all at once. This is a way to spread out the cost of your training over several months.

Here’s the link to the calendar of workshops.

  • When’s the best time for you to decide to learn and practice canine massage? NOW!
  • How are you going to get your affirmation to manifest? REGISTER!
  • Who’s going to beam with excitement and anticipation? ME!

Do your due diligence. Check out our website. Compare schools and programs. PetMassage workshop fees include all the texts necessary to learn and practice canine massage. Read what others have written as reviews. Trust your heart and enroll in the program that feels right. If PetMassage is your choice, I look forward to being your mentor.

The Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop is offered at The PetMassage School.

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The Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop is offered at The PetMassage School.

Create your healthier body with the Gait Way to Better Performance techniques.

One of the PetMassage workshops taught during the PetMassage Foundation Level Program is the Gait Way to Better Performance for the PetMassage practitioner/student.  It is a four hour lecture/interaction workshop whose focus is on teaching the canine massage practitioner a system of body mechanics/gait exercises.  This practice helps the person become more comfortable in their bodies and therefore, when dogs are being massaged, they feel the comfort too.

The course is taught by Diane Salettel. Diane is a gifted and experienced Z-Health Practitioner. Z-Health is an amazing new bodywork system that integrates many fields of science: from neuroscience to physical therapy to orthopedics. Diane has specialized training to identify patterns in our body and movement and teach brain-based exercises we can use to correct – and enhance – our lives. In this workshop, that’s what she does. She addresses more than mechanical movement. She also works on the filters: eyesight, hearing, speech, focus, balance, proprioception, flexibility and strength. These are all important for our overall well-being.

The system of improving gait and balance, learning how to correct the way I use my body, has been a true blessing to heal my body. I have used many other modalities to help correct body issues and I keep returning to Diane’s method of neural plasticity based Z-Health exercises.

The body issues I have, or have already healed with Diane’s, Z-Health guidance is as follows, from head to toes:

  • eyesight
  • gum disease/diminished roots of teeth
  • balance
  • breathing
  • left swollen wrist/hand
  • left sore hip through side of knee
  • bladder control

 Comfort. Balance. Safe in your body. Would you like your body to feel this way? You can, in this workshop at the PetMassage School.  

There are three ways to participate in the Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop:

  1. Enroll in the PetMassage Foundation Level Program.  The Gait Way to Better Performance workshop is on the first day.
  1. Enroll in the PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop Refresher (if you have already attended the Foundation Level Program in the past)
  1. Enroll in the Gait Way to Better Performance workshop by itself.

Yes, I am delighted doing my Z-Health exercises every day. I feel and see great results in my life.  Every body part I listed above has either healed completely or in process of doing so.  I believe in the exercises I am doing.  I feel better and look better. Because my strength and stability are better, I am able to connect with our dogs more comfortably and confidently, whether I’m massaging them, walking them or just sitting with them.

I often hear from other “seniors” that I am this age, so therefore it will take forever to heal.  I do not agree with that statement. You can change your life. The exercises I learned in this workshop truly work.

I ask you to consider helping yourself and take the Gait Way to Better Performance workshop. This is a gift you can give yourself. It truly works.



The strength and stability exercises I’ve learned make me a more confident and effective leader with dogs.

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Meditate with your Dog(s)

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Meditate with your Dog(s)

Hello Everyone

I am writing a blog, perhaps once a month, (sounds very feminine) to share my experiences in my on-going healing arts practice.

When I dedicate myself to a spiritual practice, on a daily basis, just as many of us do with a daily exercise program (walking, biking, weights, etc.), I truly benefit.

This first blog is about meditating with your dog(s).  Like so many others, I find it a challenge to sit still.  I prefer being active and moving.  It takes a lot of strength for me to set aside a task, sit, and welcome silence.

In fact, the book that inspired me the most to meditate is Inviting Silence by Gunilla Norris. This book helped me to lighten up; and progress slowly, at my own pace. Her approach is very gentle. It’s exactly what I can handle as I develop a new spiritual practice/lesson.

Another great spiritual leader that I have followed since the late 1980’s is Deepak Chopra.   In his daughter’s book, Living with Intent, by Mallika Chopra, Deepak writes about the power of meditation.  He states “If you learn to quiet your internal dialogue and pay attention to your inner life, you will be guided by intuition rather than externally imposed interpretations of what is and isn’t good for you.”

My favorite place to mediate is in the living room, on my favorite comfortable chair, with our boxers, Camille and Ilaria sitting nearby.  Here is a link to a PetMassage YouTube video with Jonathan and our lovely boxers meditating together.  The beauty of dogs, is that they entrain with their humans quickly and easily.  Meditate with your dogs.  You and your dogs can learn to enjoy the quiet time together. Jonathan’s Transitions book details how to join up with your dog in meditation. Many people have used his techniques to connect with their dogs. Their stories are heartwarming.

Do your best to find the ideal room and chair in your house.  To keep your mind relaxed, be sure to have a neat, Feng Shui-friendly space.

Here are lists of benefits and the process I’ve developed from my experience with meditation.  Modify the process to personalize your own method. Create your own style, to feel secure and comfortable.


  1. When you ease and relax your mind, you produce chemicals that calm and enable you to feel secure, confident, and optimistic.
  2. Helps you focus more easily.
  3. Encourages you to breathe more deeply and slowly.
  4. Sleep more soundly.
  5. Boost your immune system.
  6. Feel more grounded. Enhance your connection to floor/ground/earth.
  7. Encourages youth-ing. Stay young, healthy, engaged, and resilient.
  8. Lower your blood pressure.
  9. Become more in touch with your Guides, your intuition (as Deepak Chopra suggests).


  1. Have an intention to quiet your mind.
  2. Sit on a upright chair, remove shoes, feet flat on the floor or sit on floor, lotus style.
  3. Rest your hands quietly on your lap.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Breathe through your nose, slowly and deeply.
  6. Begin with one minute and increase time as you prefer.
  7. As thoughts come up (and they will) honor them, observe them, and release them as you return your focus to your breath.
  8. When you feel complete, gently open your eyes, move your fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders, neck and spine.
  9. Welcome home.

I affirm that as you adjust the process that feels good for you, you will enjoy a wonderful practice.

I send you blessings to begin or continue your sitting in silence meditation.

When you have any questions or would like to share your experience with me, please contact me at .  I am offering to be a loving support person for you.

Peace and Love,


I enjoy quiet time for myself with my dog(s).

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That light in the tunnel.

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That light in the tunnel.

That light in the tunnel is not an oncoming train. It’s sunshine. Canine massage may very well be in your future. Register for the PetMassage Foundation Level Program and initiate the plan for your leave taking from your corporate nightmare.

I had an uncomfortable conversation about life in the corporate world. Competent and enthusiastic people who, having been passed over for promotions, felt deflated. They described their feelings as being “betrayed.”

These were people who always showed up. They excelled in their work. Enthusiastically attended extra training. Handled additional responsibilities not included in their job descriptions. Performed their duties, plus. But because of conflicting management agendas, the employees were crosschecked. Redirected from the career tracts they were on. Shunted like empty railroad box cars onto side tracks.

It’s a helpless feeling of being stuck even though in your eyes you’ve done everything right. Now, there’s less incentive to show up, to put in the extra effort. And, even though they were thrilled to be so on purpose doing what they were doing a week ago, now, to preserve self-esteem they are considering making some radical career decisions.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story. Big corporations are complex mixes of people, personalities, agendas, behind the scenes maneuvering, intrigue, et al. I have swum in those seas. Lived and breathed the management drama. Felt the pleasure and the pain. Experienced the elation and the despair. It was exhausting. Stressful. Addictive. Unhealthy.

We can reboot and default back to tracking our own bliss. We can manifest joy, contentment, and self-appreciation working on personal growth and our original goals, helping dogs.

I am so happy to be out of that corporate life. I live and work and revel and prosper in the small business world of the independent canine massage entrepreneur and teacher. I, with my small group of like-minded, like intentioned colleagues, make my own rules, set my own hours, make my own decisions, am able to work true to my own scope of ethical behavior toward my clients and with each other. I get to do what I am passionate about; and that is helping dogs and their owners, teaching others how to professionally massage dogs, and practicing my creativity producing videos and writing books and these blogs.

Does this sound like the life that you would like? Canine massage can be in your future. You can start now. Register for the PetMassage Foundation Level Program to learn and practice dry canine massage and/or the Canine Aquatic Massage PetMassage WaterWork Program to learn canine massage in a heated swimming pools. And we can arrange a monthly payment plan for you.  Decide now to initiate your leave-taking from your corporate nightmare. That light in the tunnel is not an oncoming train. It’s sunshine. Or better yet, it’s the glow reflected from the tapetum lucidum membrane in dogs eyes.


My new career is PetMassage. My work is now emotionally fulfilling.

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PetMassage for Active and Athletic Dogs

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PetMassage for Active and Athletic Dogs

Optimizing function is the name of the game. That’s what canine massage does. The dogs appreciate what we do. Their owners, handlers, trainers, and vets do, too.

PetMassage is an appropriate and beneficial therapeutic practice for Active and sport dogs. These athletes have had tremendous success when they the get dry massage and canine aquatic massage, a non-weight bearing experience. Massage is an exquisite complement to veterinary, chiropractic, and orthopedic care.

The first people to recognize value of canine massage were the trainers and handlers of agility dogs. Their dogs were getting injured, going lame, missing jumps, missing times. Someone, who got massage themselves intuited that their dogs would get similar benefits. Soon, word spread. Trainers throughout the agility world saw how valuable massage is for their dogs and sought out people who could help their dogs both on site at events and between training sessions.

Sport dogs, by definition, include dogs performing in timed and judged events, like agility, fly ball, hunting, and racing. These athletes get sore, bruised, fatigued, tight, tied up, lame, overstimulated, and sometimes, like human athletes, soured, bored, apathetic, and not trying their hardest.

In my practice I see a lot of pet dogs that play too hard at doggie day cares who get injured racing about at dog parks. These are the sport dogs with whom I have the most experience.

These canine athletes are prone to injury. They trip. They step in holes. They get blindsided and T-boned by other dogs. When they play out of their league with the big kids, or beyond their conditioning, muscles get strained; ligaments get sprained. Often, injuries do not show up right away. They may take awhile to be symptomatic. Like realizing a neck injury the day after an accident.

By the time their owners bring them in for massage, they are limping or bobbing their heads. Top lines may be rounded. Hips or shoulders may be misaligned. Paws, not pointing straight forward. Eyes sad, ears flattened, coat dull, tail tucked under. They look broken.

In their massage I identify areas that have meaningful variations in temperature, texture, shapes, and reactivity. And then I work them so they are more flexible and comfortable. Muscle groups and movement are revitalized and restored.

The goal with canine sports massage is to reestablish flexibility, comfort, strength, and confident movement.

Ilaria is our dog. She’s a young, social, healthy boxer. A couple of weeks ago, at the dog park, she was dashing about, racing and hurdling over the other dogs. She was in her glory having the best time ever! At the far end of the field she paused for a moment and looked down. When she moved off, her stride was uneven. I called to her, and she was ready to leave. It was her left forepaw. She held it aloft. She winced when I poked around with my fingers to check it and pulled it away. A thin smear of blood coated my thumbnail. The inner border of one of her toe pads had a tiny laceration. Fortunately it was caked in mud. Clean mud. Mud has antiseptic qualities. That’s what my mom used to tell me, so it must be true!

I cleansed it thoroughly when we got home. Then I watched as, for the rest of the evening, she self-medicated her paw with dog lick.

The next day I massaged Ilaria. Included in her full body massage was work to her injured foreleg. I wanted to increase circulation to the injury. Fresh cleansing blood flow assists healing from the inside. It brought new blood in and flushed the old blood out. My effleurage directed blood flow away from the paw toward the heart and then, toward the area. I did not massage directly on the wound itself because that would have interrupted the healing process.

Her wellness restoration regimen included massage, icing, restricted activity, and rest. This is how she progressed: Ilaria limped for a couple of days, walked gingerly for a couple more, and within 10 days, was back to running full out.

Even without injuries, sport dog Ilaria still benefits with massage. For her, the goal is to maintain flexibility, strength, and support her effervescent joie de vivre. We retain her muscle tone with kneading, scratching, positional release, and stretches. That’s what works for her.

At events, athletic dogs often get massages before their runs, after their runs, when their times are slower than expected, and if something shows up in their gait. It’s the same as humans at their competitions. Massage helps them perform at their optimum capacity.

Each dog is different. The canine massage practitioner observes their gait and any extraordinary movement. Our training in dog anatomy and physiology helps us visualize what is happening beneath the coat between our hands, how it ought to feel, move, and be positioned. The focus is on enhancing flexibility, joint mobility and ease of movement.

We have had tremendous success helping active and athletic dogs with dry massage and canine aquatic massage, a non-weight bearing experience in a heated swimming pool. Massage, as you can see, is an exquisite complement to veterinary, chiropractic, and orthopedic care.

Call to Action:

Learn canine sports massage and ways to help canine athletes in these programs: PetMassage Foundation Level and Canine Aquatic Massage, PetMassage WaterWork . 

Also, please check out this YouTube video and see super-sweetie Ilaria in action: 

The dogs appreciate the compassion and dedication I infuse into their massages.

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