PetMassage Advanced Level Program


The PetMassage Advanced Level Program enhances your initial PetMassage training. This Program was created to reinforce and expand on PetMassage with a focus of practical applications of PetMassage Energy Work. Students receive training in body mechanics, positional release, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) applications, and explore aspects of growing a successful practice. This 5-day hands-on on-site program runs Thursday through Monday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Fee: $2500.00

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PetMassage Foundation Level Program 

This workshop is for students that have completed the PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop and seek to continue their education of PetMassage techniques and theories. 

Program Class Size Limit:

5 Students

Waiting List:

If you see that the program you would like to attend is full, we encourage you to add your name to its waiting list. Someone who is registered for that program may need to switch to another month. A spot may open up for you.

Please call Beth at 800-779-1001 to register with your 1st and 2nd choices for program dates.

Objectives / Goals:

  • Reviews and expands on Foundation Level training (theory and application)
  • Gives students a more comprehensive knowledge base / skill set to use with rehab clients
  • Provides additional training in Energy Work practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), canine anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and canine kinesiology
  • Learn actions and functions of specific muscle groups
  • Learn the basic pathologies you will see in your practice that dogs present
  • Refine business goals
  • The PetMassage Advanced Level Program helps students qualify and prepare for NBCAAM Test for National Certification.

Home Study Courses Included In This program:

Workshop Included In This Program:

The on-site hands-on workshop is 5-days and runs Thursday through Monday

  • Advanced Physical Palpation
  • Energetic palpation
  • PetMassage Energy Work practical applications
  • Chakra balancing
  • Vortex boosting
  • Physical rebalancing with the Pain Drain
  • Kinesiology, muscle testing
  • Stretching for sport dogs
  • Stretching in rehabilitation
  • Positional myofascial release, indications and applications
  • PetMassage interpretations of TCM Meridian connecting
  • PetMassage interpretations and applications of specific TCM Acupressure points
  • Transitions massage

Included Materials:

  • PetMassage Advanced Level Program Manual (provided at workshop)

Additional Materials Included From Home Study Courses:

Reviewing and having a good understanding of this material will help enable you to get the best outcome from your hands-on workshop.

Before Workshop Info:

During Program Info:


All PetMassage Advanced Level Programs are held on-site at the PetMassage Training and Research Institute in Toledo, Ohio.


  • Comfortable yet professional attire.
  • Closed toed shoes. Note: Sandals or flip flops are not safe, please do not wear them.
  • A smile and positive ready-to-learn attitude.
  • Please refrain from wearing loose jewelry or any fragrances.


All practice work is done with live dogs. You will perfect your skills with several dogs. Everyone gets to experience a wide variety of dogs’ sizes, breeds, ages and personalities.

If you can bring your own pet, we highly encourage it. If not, that’s okay, just be sure to let us know. We’ll have lucky canine volunteers available for you to work with during each workshop day. If you can bring 2 or more dogs to the workshop, we’ll give you a discount of $25 off your onsite purchases of PetMassage Media. Please let us know if your dog(s) have any special considerations.

Please Note: In the Toledo area, dogs must be on 6 foot (maximum) leash whenever outdoors.

Dogs are crated during the lectures and while students practice skills on each other. Crates are available or you are welcome to bring your own crates or x-pens.


  • Kitchen with microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator. You’re welcome to store meals throughout the workshop in this area.
  • Computer / Office Services (Wi-Fi, Printers, Etc.)
  • SPECIAL ON-SITE DISCOUNT! Check out the PetMassage products and merchandise available for purchase. During the duration of your program, you’ll receive a special 20% discount on all PetMassage items, as well as the PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Program

Friendly, knowledgeable staff will be available to provide assistance with workshop support. 


Included in your registration packet is the PetMassage Travel Guide for Toledo Ohio. This guide provides valuable information about where to stay, dine, and walk your dogs while in Toledo. You will find comfortable discounted accommodations at recommended hotels within a few miles of the PetMassage Training and Research Institute. 

Completion Requirements:

You have six months from the last day of your PetMassage Advanced Level Program to complete

  • the home study courses
  • take-home written exam
  • video recordings. 

After Program Info:

Certificates of Completion Earned?


Three Certificates of Course Completion are awarded for this workshop:

  • PetMassage Advanced Level Program Certificate of Course Completion
  • PetMassage Medical Terminology, Canine Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology for the Canine Massage Practitioner Certificate of Home Study Course Completion
  • PetMassage Energy Work with Dogs Certificate of Home Study Course Completion

Graduates of this program are Certified Advanced Level PetMassage Practitioners, or CPMP and are distinguished as such on the PetMassage Training & Research Institute Graduate List. 

Accredited By:


Continuing Education (CECs) / (CEUs) Available For:

National Certified Animal Massage Practitioners, Massage Therapists (MTs)

Number of Continuing (CECs) / (CEUs) Earned:

This workshop earns 100 CEs for Massage Therapists (MTs). 50 Live, onsite and 50 Home Study. This workshop also earns 100 CEs. Combined, you’ve earned the requisite 200 hours to sit for NBCAAM’s National Certification Exam.

Fee: 2500.00

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PetMassage Advanced Level Program Testimonials

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