PetMassage Team

Jonathan Rudinger, RN, LMT

PetMassage Founder & Lead Instructor

My name is Jonathan Rudinger. I am an artist, with a degree in fine arts history from The Ohio State University an RN, and a licensed massage therapist for humans. I am a teacher, a creator, a seeker of wisdom, a believer in the Akasha, a practitioner of Energy Work, a businessman, and an entrepreneur. I am also a great fan of dogs. I love dogs. I have devoted the last 35 years of my life to developing massage forms to help dogs (and their people) rediscover balance and happiness. I began my training practicing equine massage on my own horse and others horses in and around stables in the Chicagoland area. I did this for 15 years. At age 45, I changed career. I closed my two Chicago art galleries and returned to school to learn nursing. After practicing nursing for a few years, and feeling too much restriction of my creative energies, I changed my career again. I learned human massage therapy, and discovered how to be creatively nurturing with my touch and energy.

I still had my horse. When I applied human massage techniques to him, I then discovered that they did not translate well. I developed methods that incorporated neuro muscular, and myofascial energy work with Swedish massage. When I applied this new method to dogs, it was profoundly effective. These are the skills that eventually evolved into the courses I now teach in the PetMassage™ workshops. I no longer have an Arabian. I have boxers. My passion is now devoted to developing and enhancing PetMassage™ methodologies and the practice of PetMassage. I could not have developed this school without the support and companionship of my wife, Anastasia. While I’m the creative, she is the grounder who edits everything I write and manages the school. Jonathan sees private clients, both canine and human, at the PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute. He also gives off-site demonstrations, lectures, interviews, and writes a weekly blog.

I am now primarily a teacher of PetMassage for dogs. I’m a mentor to my students, a writer of dog massage textbooks and a weekly blog which is in its fourth year. The PetMassage™ School is celebrating 20 years in July, 2017. I am pleased that we have developed a fine reputation for our coursework and that we have attracted students from every state in the US, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe. I am humbled by the spread of PetMassage™. It shows just how much one person can do when he follows his passion. The PetMassage™ version of canine, or dog massage is now practiced all over the world.

In 2000, Anastasia, my wife, and I founded the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT), a professional organization for practitioners and schools of animal massage and bodywork. We established standards of practice, a school credentialing program, a venue for creating support, and a responsible presence for our members. As president of the IAAMB/ACWT, I give interviews, lectures, contribute articles and am a lobbyist. I work to help assure that state level legislation is aware of our industry and understands what we do and how much our members’ work benefits animals.

Anastasia Rudinger

PetMassage Vice President & Co-owner

Anastasia Rudinger is a Certified Massage Therapist, graduating from the Chicago School of Massage in 1988. She is also an Infant Massage Instructor who enjoys encouraging new parents to bond with and better understand their babies. Anastasia is also a Breathwork Practitioner. She received her professional training at the Chicago Rebirthing Center in 1989. She is a graduate of Loving Relationships Training. Her private practice has given her the privilege of assisting numerous clients through their breath work process. Breathwork truly assisted her to become more positive about herself and her entire life. Equally as helpful, affirmations and a gratitude list on a regular basis helps her to help others to remain empowered.

Anastasia’s greatest gift to others, especially to our PetMassage students/graduates/clients is to encourage them to be their very best at what they truly want to do. Anastasia is partnered with her husband, Jonathan in the PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute and IAAMB/ACWT in Toledo, Ohio.

Beth Farkas

Office Manager

Beth Farkas joined the PetMassage family in 2002. Beth saw the vision right away. She understands the great opportunities PetMassage offers for people and the dogs they care for. She is the voice, the smile, and the enthusiastic first-person-you-talk-to when you call, and the primary one to read your email. Even after all these years of managing the PetMassage™ office, Beth gets excited when she has an opportunity to provide guidance and insight to assist future PetMassage™ students. Beth has helped the PetMassage company grow from a tiny computer desk in the Rudinger’s rec. room, to its current 2,000 square foot facility. She has seen the growth and evolution of the workshops and the growing register of canine massage students. She has seen PetMassage for dogs, canine massage, gain international acceptance as a recognized and respected profession. Beth is also membership coordinator of the IAAMB/ACWT

Beth is happy to answer any questions about PetMassage, PetMassage workshops, travel arrangements to Toledo, or accommodations while attending workshops. Please see our Contact page for contact info.


Illaria Due Rudinger

Official PetMassage Teaching Assistant

Ilaria Due (pronounced doo-eh) is our newest TA. Ilaria began as a demo-dog in her first workshop when she was just 3 months old. She loves any contact with people and dogs. She is very attentive to her surroundings and thrives on attention. Her hobbies are running with the big dogs at the dog park, cuddling with Camille, and laying in the sunshine.