Who We Are

Welcome to the PetMassage Training & Research Institute website! Established in 1997, we have an outstanding history and reputation in creating professional canine massage training, including offering private sessions, both dry and aquatichome study courses, programs for pet owners and children, and original PetMassage training materials (books, charts, videos, and audios). Please take your time in looking around the site. We look forward to helping you make an impact on the lives of dogs in your area. Thank you! and

- Jonathan & Anastasia Rudinger

PetMassage Training and Research Institute helps students create careers and businesses working with dogs. PetMassage is a well-respected pioneer in the canine massage and body work industry. Since 1997, we have held hundreds of programs and helped thousands of students learn the art of dog massage.

Located in Toledo, Ohio, we specialize in hands-on, on-site programs because we believe that one-on-one instruction is essential for success in a hands-on trade. Having an experienced professional demonstrate techniques with students before even interacting with dogs, helps students learn correctly.

Our Team

What We Do

We teach students who attend our programs all the aspects of canine massage that they will need to create enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful careers. Students begin with the PetMassage Foundation Level Program, expand their skill sets with the PetMassage Advanced Level Program

Why We Do It

PetMassage balances dogs and their people. We have always loved dogs and desire to share what we've learned to help our students improve the quality of life for dogs and themselves.

  • The future of veterinary animal care is becoming more inclusive of non-medicinal methods of treatment.
  • Animal rehabilitation and wellness maintenance are the most prolific aspects of veterinary care; especially with holistic veterinarians.
  • Massage is an essential element in every rehabilitation and wellness protocol.
  • The massage that is taught in vet schools is similar to what Jonathan learned in human massage school. It is the mechanistic approach. It measurably increases circulation and joint flexibility.
  • We know from experience that there is more in the greater context of massage that helps animals.
  • The form that you can learn as PetMassage, will have a much more profound effect on the health and wellness of the entire dog; body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we do it.

Tenets of PetMassage

  • We believe that PetMassage is a fundamental need for dogs, like food, shelter, exercise, training, grooming and veterinary care. Each enhances every dog’s quality of life.
  • We believe that PetMassage helps dog owners and pet parents connect to their dogs to forge bonds that last a lifetime.
  • We believe that PetMassage integrates perfectly with veterinary care.
  • We believe that practicing PetMassage professionally fulfills the dreams of people who want a career helping dogs.
  • We believe that PetMassage teaches people, especially children, to interact with dogs respectfully and safely.
  • PetMassage is an essential element for shifting the energy of our planet. With it's practice we become more balanced, aware, loving, empathetic, understanding, and enduring.

Benefits of PetMassage

While there are obvious benefits of PetMassage for dogs, just as humans benefit from massage. PetMassage has special benefits for people too. We help people who have had a lifetime love of working with animals, especially dogs, fulfill their passion and purpose of having a career helping dogs. PetMassage is about balance and bliss, for dogs and people. Learn More >>>

PetMassage Scope of Practice

A scope of practice reassures the people who enlist our services. They can be confident that we understand our boundaries and limit our practice to our specialty.  Learn More >>>

Mission Statement

At the PetMassage Training and Research Institute we train people to give educated, competent and confident nurturing massage to their dogs. We train trainers in PetMassage techniques and theories to reach and teach more dog owners.  We increase public and professional awareness of the uses and benefits of PetMassage. Learn More>>>