Who We Are

Established in 1997, we have held hundreds of workshops, helped thousands of people learn the art of canine massage, and in turn, enhanced the quality of life for millions of dogs.
PetMassage is a leader in the animal massage industry. We have an outstanding history and reputation for professional canine massage training, continuing education courses based on original PetMassage training materials (books, charts, physical DVDs and streaming videos) and private sessions in both dry and Aquatic PetMassage.
Please take your time in looking around the PetMassage.com website. Note our course offerings, our cache of peer reviewed research papers produced by PetMassage graduates, hundreds of original articles (Jonathan’s Helpful Hints), and free instruction videos on our YouTube channels.

Where we are

The PetMassage Training and Research Institute is located in Toledo Ohio.

Our Team

What We Do

We specialize in practicing Aquatic PetMassage for our local clients and teaching on-site, in 5-day immersive vocational training hydrotherapy workshops.
The practice of Aquatic PetMassage, combines in-hand swim and canine massage as adapted to be delivered in a heated pool. Clients, pet parents and their veterinarians, immediately recognize the value of this method of hydrotherapy for their dogs.

Why We Do It

The Aquatic PetMassage practice is profoundly beneficial to all who come in contact with it: dogs, their people, their docs, trainers and care givers, and especially trained practitioners.
The form that you learn as PetMassage, will have a profound effect on the health and wellness of the entire dog; body, mind, and spirit. The practice of Aquatic PetMassage will profoundly effect your health and wellness as well. This career will benefit every aspect of your life; body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we do it.

Our vision

We all recognize that there is a pressing need for the dogs all over the world to get the benefits of hydrotherapy, especially this form of Aquatic PetMassage.

We cannot do it by ourselves. We need you. Our vision is to train and mentor you, the Aquatic PetMassage entrepreneur-practitioner so that you can provide this essential service for the dogs and their people where you live.

Benefits of PetMassage

While there are obvious benefits of PetMassage for dogs, just as humans benefit from massage, PetMassage has special benefits for people too. We help people who have had a lifetime love of working with animals, especially dogs, fulfill their passion and purpose of having a career helping dogs. PetMassage is about balance and bliss, for dogs and people. 

PetMassage Scope of Practice

A scope of practice reassures the people who enlist our services. They can be confident that we understand our boundaries and limit our practice to our specialty. 

Mission Statement

At the PetMassage Training and Research Institute we train people to give educated, competent and confident nurturing Aquatic PetMassage to their dogs. We increase public and professional awareness of the uses and benefits of PetMassage.