Conscious Connect Breathing with Anastasia

Conscious Connected Breathing allows you to release suppressed emotional stress in a pleasurable, safe and natural way.

By learning to breathe consciously and fully you discover and release the core issues held in your body, mind and emotions.  This method was developed in the early 70’s by Anastasia’s teacher, Leonard Orr. Since then, many thousands of people throughout the world have practiced and found value in Conscious Connected Breathing.

Conscious Connected Breathing detoxifies your body. CC Breathing fully and freely supports you. 70% of all body wastes are eliminated through the lungs.

Anastasia Rudinger is an experienced Breathwork Practitioner, trained and certified in 1989 at the Chicago Rebirthing Center.  She is a graduate of Loving Relationships Training.

Breathwork truly assisted her to become more positive about herself and her work. This technique is an integral part of her ongoing self-care. She is delighted to share this process with you.

Anastasia is also a Certified Massage Therapist, graduating from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1988.

Anastasia is partner with her husband, Jonathan in the PetMassage Aquatic Center in Toledo, OH.

A Session with Anastasia

Your session takes place at the PetMassage facility. We are in a quiet room with soft lights and peaceful music. You are comfortably clothed, lying on a cushioned massage table. Anastasia sits by your side.

The session begins with coached connected breathing. You remain fully aware of your breath, body and emotions.

As you breathe, feelings, images and sensations surface. With gentleness and respect, Anastasia supports and affirms where you are in your process of dissolving the tensions of the past that are stored in your body’s cells. You are accessing your “cellular memory.”

She guides you, using affirmations, toning, and breathing, in acknowledging your unconscious beliefs. With Anastasia’s coaching, your body cleanses and purifies itself of limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Your session completes. Anastasia sits with you, quietly discussing your experience and progress.  You are more aware; in a more open — more valued state of consciousness. You are now ready to resume your life . . . with more balance, purpose and confidence.


$70 Session


Call Anastasia to schedule an appointment for your Conscious Connected Breathing session at 419-902-2258.


Sessions are prepaid by calling Beth our coordinator at 419-475-3539.

Gift Certificates

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By appointment during evenings and Sundays.