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Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

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PetMassage™ Foundation Level Workshop – Refresher

PetMassage™ Foundation Level Workshop – Refresher We just completed the final Foundation Level Workshop of the year. The students were all enthusiastic, attentive, responsible, and passionate about embarking on new careers helping dogs using massage. Everyone was so committed; the week flew by in a euphoric blur. The workshop ends with smiles, tearful hugs, and…

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No One Told Me About Rescue Dogs.

No One Told Me About Rescue Dogs. There are some significant things that we didn’t know when we set about adopting a rescue dog. The learning curve has been going on for a couple of weeks. Every day we have new insights. New questions. Some are answerable; some, we’ll never know. Some, we didn’t know…

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Touch Breathing

Touch Breathing Animal Shelter Pitbull Visiting a dog shelter recently, I watched a young woman bring a young pitbull outside for some fresh air and exercise. She brought him into the gated play area, tossed a ball across the yard, and sat down on a bench to watch him play. The dog showed no interest…

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