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Motivation From Daily Hands-on Inspiration

Motivation From Daily Hands-on Inspiration You’ve heard or read about how I started PetMassage.  I’ve described it in my books and it’s on our website. [ ] It’s been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Every week of every year, I either teach a workshop, council students, write books and blogs, produce videos, manage…

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Your PetMassage Franchise School

Your PetMassage Franchise School On July 11, 1997, Jonathan Rudinger had a vision. It was recognizing the value and potential of canine massage. He was filming a demonstration of equine massage for a TV show. The horse he was massaging fell asleep, standing very still; no longer interesting to film. His interviewer noticed an old…

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Video Tour of PetMassage Classroom

Video Tour of PetMassage Classroom We just posted a new video on our new YouTube channel. It’s the Tour of the PetMassage classroom. I invite you to view the video. Here is its transcript: Intro Hi. I’m Jonathan and I’m here with Camille and Ilaria. We’re going to give you a tour of the PetMassage…

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