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Canine aquatic massage and underwater treadmills

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy was the topic this week on Dr Karen Becker’s blog on the Healthy Pets Mercola website. Karen discusses aquatic therapy from the perspective of her holistic veterinary practice. Her subtitle: Soothes Sore Joints and Muscles, a Godsend for Injured or Obese Pets. I’d like to add my perspective to her…

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WaterWork is PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage

WaterWork is PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage  This Helpful Hint blog is based on this YouTube video. Its intention is to describe canine aquatic massage and encourage you to learn and practice it. Canine aquatic massage is a fabulous variation of the dry PetMassage. Sessions are given in a heated (usually indoor) swimming pool.  They both have the…

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Water Puppies For Health and Happiness

Water Puppies For Health and Happiness Water babies Many of us are water babies. I’m not just referring to people who were born in hot tubs ala French obstetrician Frédérick Leboyer; or water-birth in bathtubs with the advice, consent, and support of doulas and midwives. And I’m not limiting water babies to those  born under…

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