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We believe that practicing PetMassageTM professionally fulfills the dreams of people who want a career helping dogs.

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PetMassageTM your own dog

We believe that PetMassageTM can be an essential part of everyday pet care. 

Kids pet massage classes

PetMassageTM for Kids Training

We believe that teaches children to massage and handle dogs respectfully and safely.


PetMassageTM is a pioneer and leader in the pet care industry for canine massage training.

Ambitious students from all over the world choose PetMassage.



August 18-22, 2016

The next PetMassageTM Foundation Level Workshop



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Foundation Level Students Loved the Workshop Experience

Students shared their feelings IMG_4047
We just finished another Foundation level workshop. While all classes are great, this class was a real joy and privilege to facilitate. There were 6 students. Everyone was focused on her own intent and completely supportive and accepting of everyone else. Everyone came ready to learn PetMassageTM and eager to return home to hone their new skills and begin a business. They were all such courteous and generous listeners to each others stories. It was like being in the presence of a clan of spiritual witnesses. During the course of the five days we were together, each of the students shared their feelings with me in private conversations.



Article from 2011 Massage Magazine

Canine Massage: Benefits and Differences from Human Massage by Jonathan Rudinger

Long ago, we accepted the power of massage for helping us bipeds cope and alleviate the effects of stress and physical and emotional imbalances. We have been massaging each other for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, we are finally using massage to comfort and help our pet animals. 





Interview with Dr. Karen Becker/ “Healthy Pets Newsletter”

Jonathan is often interviewed for his perspective as one of the pioneers and leaders of the canine massage industry.

Recently, he was a featured guest of Dr. Karen Becker’s – Dr. Mercola’s – Healthy Pets Newsletter, See the video and read the August 2014 Healthy Pets Newsletter: Remove Disease from Your Pet’s Body Using Only Your Hands.  Here’s your link to Jonathan’s Skype and written interview.


Accrediting Bodies for the PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute


National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as continuing education provider #285813-00National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM)file-page1-150x150