Annular Ligament

Full Title: Annular Ligament

Author: Sally Liali

Date of Publication: August 22, 2013


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Ligaments are composed of regular connective tissue in which the fibers form a thick bundle. This regular connective tissue is predominantly collagenous, but some elastic components are present. ( Dudly Johnson)

Connective Tissue

The connective tissue are generally consist of an indegenous popluation of cells surrounded by fibers and an amorphous ground substance. These tissues connevt and anchor structure and give support to the body and its organs. The proportion of cells to fibers and ground substance varies greatly from on type of connective tissue to another.

Annular Ligament

The elbow is stabilized primarily by three ligaments; medial collateral ligament, later collateral ligament and annular ligament. THe medium lateral proved various stability, and elbow rotation. The annular ligament encircles 4/5 of a circle the head of the radiius stabilizing it in the radial notch. Because the annular ligament encircles the head of the radius it was gived the greek word name, Anulus which means ring. The circle the radial notch of the ulna froms the other 1/5 inch.

The annular ligament is attached by bother its ends to the anterior and posterior margins of the radial nothc of the ulna, togehter with which it forms the articular surgace that surrounds the head and neck of the radius. The ligament is strong and well defined, yet its flexablility permists the slightly oval head of the radius to rotate freely during pronation and supination.

The head of the radius is wider than the bones neck,and , because the annular ligament embraces both, the radial head is “trapped” inside the ligament which thus acts to prevent distal displacement of the radius.

Superiorly, the ligament is supported by attachments to the radial collateral ligament and the fibrous capsule of the elbow joint. Inferiorly, a few fibers attach to the neck of the radius support a fold of the synovial membrane with out interfering with the movements at the joint.


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