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Lipomas, lumps and bumps

Lipomas, lumps and bumps, from the perspective of PetMassage canine massage. This discussion is part of the preparation for the continuing ed workshop I will be facilitating, at the IAAMB/ACWT – NBCAAM Conference this September, in Seattle. In the 4-hour workshop titled, “Canine Myofascial Release: Techniques to Discover and Track Movement,” we’ll be wrist-deep in…

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Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage.

Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage. Imagine yourself sitting in your kayak in the center of an 82 acre pond*. It’s early in the morning. It’s quiet. The air is still. The sky is brightening. The water’s surface, smooth as glass. You turn to look around. Your boat gently rocks, bouncing gentle waves out onto…

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Spirit Expressions of Lake and Dogs

Spirit Expressions of Lake and Dogs Messages From The Deep Sitting on the beach watching the waves, I’m drawn to the dark grey-blue horizon line defining the lake surface against the luminescent aquamarine sky. The sounds of waves envelop me. The lake is alive; breathing its waves onto the sand. Exhale on, inhale back. The…

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Touch Breathing

Touch Breathing Animal Shelter Pitbull Visiting a dog shelter recently, I watched a young woman bring a young pitbull outside for some fresh air and exercise. She brought him into the gated play area, tossed a ball across the yard, and sat down on a bench to watch him play. The dog showed no interest…

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