Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage.

Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage.

Imagine yourself sitting in your kayak in the center of an 82 acre pond*. It’s early in the morning. It’s quiet. The air is still. The sky is brightening. The water’s surface, smooth as glass.

You turn to look around. Your boat gently rocks, bouncing gentle waves out onto the water. Patterns of circles flow out, moving off away from you.

A waterlily gently bobs as the ripples you’ve initiated massage the underside of its pad. The simple turning of your shoulders is affecting everything around you.

You watch the spreading circles. It’s as if you can see your personal space, your energy, your life force expanding. It moves everything in its path. Everything you do has effects that spread out like the ripples on the water’s surface. It all starts with you.

In the real world, aside from visualizations, your movements enhance the life conditions of all the people, plants, and animals with whom you come in contact. You have immense power. You have the capacity to heal the world. At the very least, you can move a lily pad.

When you give a great massage to a dog, he feels better. He is observably happier. His coat and eyes are brighter. His movements are easier, with less effort, and in more comfort. You can see his gait, his stance, even his sit, is more balanced, expressed with greater vitality, and improved stability. That’s just the beginning. This dog is better able to fulfill his role as pet, service animal, companion, playmate, source for entertainment and emotional support.

The concerned owners see that their dog is in well-trained and well-intentioned hands. They are relieved. Their dog is getting the treatments he needs. Enthusiastically, they share the story of how massage has improved their dog’s condition. They tell everyone they see; everyone who will listen. They tell their vets, who are delighted to know that all the protocols they have been following are being enhanced and supported with treatments of massage.

Ripples continue to circle out. Family and friends take notice. Now they recognize that canine massage is a resource they can access when their dogs need care.

Everyone’s stress level drops just a bit.

They know that if and when their dogs are injured, are recovering from surgery, are stiffening or in discomfort because of age-related diseases, are depressed or acting out while processing physical, emotional, or environmental stresses, massage will help.

It’s comforting to know that canine massage is a thing. That it’s available and beneficial in so many ways.

If and when your dogs have any of the aforementioned conditions, remember to incorporate canine massage in their treatment plans.

Find a trained and certified PetMassage Practitioner.

Better still, learn the PetMassage approach to the skill sets for professional level canine massage. You’ll find original books, DVDs, and ways to register for on-site, hands-on workshops, and home study courses at

It all starts with you. Turn your shoulders. Look around. Make some waves.

Help dogs with your practice of PetMassage. Who knows who or what will dance in the flow of your powerful expanding circles of influence?

*My thanks to my good friend Susan Bones for the “kayak in the pond” visualization.

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