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Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage.

Make some serious waves. Practice PetMassage. Imagine yourself sitting in your kayak in the center of an 82 acre pond*. It’s early in the morning. It’s quiet. The air is still. The sky is brightening. The water’s surface, smooth as glass. You turn to look around. Your boat gently rocks, bouncing gentle waves out onto…

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Fasciae Collaboration

Fascia Collaboration. Let’s learn about what it is, how to identify it, influence it to help our dogs, and share the love.  In September 2019 I will be one of the instructors at a joint conference of the IAAMB/ACWT and the NBCAAM. (It will be open to members and non-members. The link for info about…

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Duplication, redundancy, sympathetic, and empathetic functions in the dog  

Duplication, redundancy, sympathetic, and empathetic functions in the dog   Our dogs bodies are wise and mysterious. In their wisdom, they have several types of backups, backing up each other in case one element malfunctions. I often stimulate synergistic referral points when I cannot access or am not sure precisely where assistance is needed. There…

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Soft Eyes See Where To Focus

Soft Eyes See Where To Focus Soft Focus There is soft focus in the practice of yoga. There is the soft focus used in meditation. Use your soft focus with your dog in PetMassage™. Hold your hand 6 inches from your nose with your thumb up. Squint, and focus on your thumbnail. Everything behind it…

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Dogs At The Movies

Dogs At The Movies Anastasia and I recently spent a frustrating hour at Family Video, a neighborhood video rental. We were searching for some light entertainment for the evening. What we found was rack after rack after rack of energetically dark movies. We were not about to immerse ourselves for two hours in the throes…

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Greater Good For Sensitive Canaries Smells And Looks Okay

How are you? So I have to ask. How are you dealing with everything that is going on? I keep wavering between being overwhelmed by the angst over what is reported and excited with anticipation for whatever happens next. It’s got to unfold week by week; can’t watch the full season on Netflix. If I…

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