Dogs At The Movies

Dogs At The Movies

Anastasia and I recently spent a frustrating hour at Family Video, a neighborhood video rental. We were searching for some light entertainment for the evening. What we found was rack after rack after rack of energetically dark movies. We were not about to immerse ourselves for two hours in the throes of death, dying, warfare, apocalypse, zombies, intrigue, evil, superheroes fighting evil, more zombies, superheroes fighting each other, and good and bad forces mixing it up simply for the gore of it.

We were looking for something we could enjoy; an experience that would amuse and relax. Something PG. PetMassage Grade.

There, amidst the shelves of devastation, we’d see an occasional video that was about dogs. Flipping them over to check the reviews, we read about dogs saving their families, dogs saving towns, dogs rescuing other dogs, dogs saving cats. There were heartwarming movies about big dogs and little dogs. They were live dogs, ghost dogs, real dogs, and animated dogs.

PG dog movies were a relief. They offered an alternative narrative; a refuge from the overwhelming onslaught of rage and devastation. Hollywood has figured out that dogs are box office gold. They know that we know that dogs are vital to our well-being.

Dogs are essential for our survival. We must cherish them and protect them.

PetMassage Is One of Dogs Four Tiers of Protection.

Number one is their pet parent. This is the individual owner, the shelter helper, and the foster parent.

Sub sets of the pet parent, we’ll call the number two line of defense. They are the supporting cast they hire: the trainers, handlers, groomers, walkers, and sitters.

The third line of protection are the vets and their staff.

PetMassage comes in at number four. It supports the whole dog in his/her body, mind, and spirit. PetMassage is a specific system for administering meaningful, conscious, and intentional touch that conveys caring, nurturing, and understanding. PetMassage is an essential part of the other three.

The PetMassage that pet parents learn for their dogs is much more than an active show of affection and caring. Weekly PetMassage helps pet owners maintain continuous assessments of their dogs health and well-being. For example, routine PetMassage is the way for pet owners to know when their dogs develop warm areas, hot spots, skin tags, small bruises, lacerations, and broken nails. When their dog has compromised skin, hair, and coat issues, they discover it in the earliest stages. They recognize when muscle tone and muscle development are balanced and when they are not. They note the first blushes of symptoms that, if not addressed early, might develop into more serious disorders.

Dog groomers use PetMassage to quiet dogs while they are working on them. The breathing and intentional touch of PetMassage encourages dogs to relax. Dogs feel safe. Groomers feel safe. Both find it easier to trim nails, keep the dog on the table, and go through the bathing process. Everyone’s life is easier and more enjoyable; the groomers, the dogs, and the dogs people.

For dog handlers and dog trainers, it’s a little different. PetMassage dog handling skills adds to the experienced professional tool kit of skills and therewith, their confidence. PetMassage teaches handlers and trainers how to be Leader; not to impose leadership, but to walk it, talk it, feel it, and assume it. Then, in their capable hands, dogs relax. They feel more secure, and go about their business of being dogs.

Whenever PetMassage is included, in veterinary care, it becomes an effective and important part of the best practices protocol. From the physiological perspective, PetMassage increases circulation and balances distribution of all the bodily fluids. Every procedure is more effective. Medication moves to where it needs to go faster. The narcotics that are used for anesthesia move out of the system faster. And from the holistic perspective, ch’i energy necessary for self-healing is readily available.

With PetMassage, dogs recover quicker from the trauma of surgery. They experience shorter durations of discomfort during recovery. They sleep better. They eat better. They move better, which enhances lymphatic drainage/immune system function.

There are tiers of competency. Dog owners focus primary on the needs of their own dogs. Veterinarians or RVTs use PetMassage as part of their everyday rehab protocols . Certified PetMassage Practitioners have a greater potential range in the possibilities of PetMassage for your dog. They’ve experienced and learned from working with many, many dogs.

Whether it is from a dog owner, an RVT, or a PetMassage practitioner, with PetMassage, dogs enjoy a finer quality of life. PetMassage is a gift. The gift of compassionate touch. It is the best way to show gratitude to our dogs for all that they do to enrich our lives.

Oh, by the way, we ended up renting the Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington movie 1000 Words. It was a peaceful message. Enjoyable and heartwarming, we recommend it.

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