PetMassage for the Family Dog [Book]



Title: PetMassage™ for the Family Dog [Book]

Author: Jonathan Rudinger


PetMassage for the Family Dog Book

You already massage your dogs. Everyone does. With this easy-to-learn instruction, you can do it better.

This book is guaranteed to change the way you touch your dog! PetMassage for the Family Dog expands on the dog massage you do intuitively, with the skills and theory of professional canine massage therapy.

Learn PetMassage to keep your dog healthy and happy.

The instructions are enjoyable to read …  with abundant illustrations… easy-to-follow

and it includes a complete pictorial PetMassage demonstration.


 Specific applications for

  • hips
  • spine
  • respiratory enhancement
  • the older dog
  • and so much more

Follow Standard Poodle, Jacques a Poodle-Do, star teaching assistant at PetMassage workshops, with his person, Jonathan Rudinger, the founder and instructor at the PetMassage Institute ( and learn to give your dog a confident, nurturing canine PetMassage.

Your dogs will let you know how good it feels and how much your new PetMassage is appreciated. It is great return on their investment of unconditional love they’ve given you!

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  • Number of Pages: 164
  • Publisher: PetMassage Media
    • Edition: 
    • Date of Publication: 2010
  • ISBN-10: 0982210213
  • ISBN-13: 9780982210215

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