White Dog Skin Issues

Full Title: White Dog Skin Issues

Author: Carrie Ricketson

Date of Publication: March 17, 2017

PDF: https://petmassage.com/wp-content/uploads/White-Dog-Skin-Issues.pdf

Research Paper Text:

Lighter fur dogs produce less skin pigment resulting in lighter fur color. Dark col red dogs produce more skin pigment. Whereas white dogs have a complete lack of pigment production.
White dogs can be more prone to allergies. Dogs with white coats experience mo sun damage to their skin and therefore are at a higher risk of developing skin cancers that res t from sun exposure.

There are many causes of skin issues in dogs. Some of the causes include extern parasites, infections, seasonal and food allergies, metabolic problems and stress or a combination of all of these. Other skin problems include, scratching, licking, chewing of the skin, scabs, redness, inflammation, hot spots, round scaly patches, dry, flaky or otherwise irritated SIC , hair loss, bald patches, rashes, lesions, drainage of blood or pus, swelling and lumps.

As far as a massage for white dog skin issues you can palpate to increase blood and lymph flow to promote healthy skin. Massage also helps alleviate stress which can cause skin issues. You don’t want to palpate over any open wounds, lesions or hot spots.

In conclusion, white dogs are more prone to skin issues due to lack of skin pigme These issues can be benefited by gentle pet massage, but is not a replacement for veterinary treatment of these skin issues.


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