Basic Anatomy of the Dog [PetMassage Home Study Course]

The “Basic Anatomy of the Dog” PetMassage Home Study Course was specially formulated to meet the practical needs of the beginning dog massage / canine massage practitioner.

While administering a canine massage, it is imperative that you know enough about canine anatomy that you are able to visualize the anatomical structures beneath your hands. You need to know their shapes, how they move, and what they do.

When you complete this course, you will have a good fundamental understanding and working knowledge of dog / canine anatomy.

You will be able to reference the structures of the body, how they function, and learn the correct terminology necessary to communicate clearly and professionally with clients and colleagues.

 You will use this information in your practice with every dog.

Objectives / Goals:

  • In this course, we focus on the Skeleton: structure and function. Joints: structure and function of ligaments, tendons and the joint capsule. Skin, coat, hair, Fascia, and superficial muscles.
  • Learn contours and boney landmarks on the dog’s body.
  • Learn basic terminology for movements, positions, directions and anatomical shapes and functions.
  • Learn pairing of body systems, such as cardio-vascular, neuro-muscular and myo-fascial systems to understand how systems enable each other to create balance and function.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisite(s) Needed

Certificate of Completion Earned? Yes

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the written Test for Basic Anatomy of the Dog [PetMassage Home Study Course]


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available For: Animal Massage Practitioners, Massage Therapists (MTs)15 

Included Materials:

  • Basic Anatomy of the Dog [PetMassage Home Study Course Guide]
  • Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas [Book] 


Basic Anatomy of the Dog PetMassage Home Study Course

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