Body and Gait Mechanics 

The dogs we walk and massage entrain with our posture, gait and breathing. Our dogs are very aware of how we are feeling. Any limp, slouch, imbalance in gait, unfocused look, and incomplete breath signals them that something is amiss.

In the Body and Gait Mechanics for PetMassage™ Practitioners on-site, hands-on workshop, you identify where your balance and gait may need some modifications and learn science based drills that you can continue to practice to get ”back in balance.” New concepts in neural- and vestibular brain science will get your body moving in grace and comfort.

In the Body Mechanics workshop, our expert will help you transform the way you move. When you move in balance and ease, you will feel more alive. When you move more comfortably you will interact with dogs with increased balance, stability and confidence. Moreover, your dog will be relieved to know that you are well and happy. When it is supple and balanced, your movement signals them that they do not have to take care of you, they can focus their energies on their own healing.

Instructor: Diane Salettel, PetMassage™ Practitioner, Z-Health Trainer in Chagrin Falls, OH


 Fee: When taken on its own, this workshop is $99. Register Now>>

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