Canine massage enhances dogs quality of life. The word “ameliorate…

Does canine massage really enhance dogs quality of life? In a word, yes. The word “ameliorate” describes the intention, the purpose, the rationale, the function of massage for dogs. Speak it aloud. Ameliorate. It’s beautiful. Savor the syllables as if you were tasting wine. Roll them slowly around in your mouth.

Feel your palette, your teeth, your gums. Feel your lips and cheeks purse and widen. Notice how your tongue changes shape as you pronounce “ameliorate”. Notice the subtle shift in air pressure in your nostrils. Notice your saliva (body water) activating to lubricate, allow, facilitate.

It’s a massage for your mouth. It’s stimulating. Relaxing. It’s exercise too. Your TMJ, temporomandibular joint, slightly stretches and relaxes; and becomes slightly more flexible in both form and function.

Dogs benefit with massage by experiencing these same effects all over their bodies!

Ameliorate is defined as to make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

Consider how each of these synonyms offers a fuller, more expansive sense of this word.

You have a choice. You can either scan through these words and scroll on, or you can capture a few gently contemplative moments with each of them. You are after all, what you think. How you think. When you think.

Canine massage ameliorates dogs quality of life because it:

• Improves
• Makes better
• Betters
• Makes improvements to
• Enhances
• Helps
• Benefits
• Boosts
• Raises
• Amends
• Refines
• Reforms
• Relieves
• Eases
• Mitigates
• Retrieves
• Rectifies
• Corrects
• Rights
• Puts right
• Sets right
• Puts to rights
• Sorts out
• Clears up
• Deals with
• Remedies
• Repairs
• Fixes
• Balances
• Mends
• Makes good
• Resolves
• Settles
• Redresses
• Redirects
• Tweaks

These are also how the practice of canine massage will ameliorate your life. Please review this list again. Consider how your life and career can be more meaningful, more value-adding, more compassionate, more affirmative, more gratifying, and more successful than you can imagine.

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