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Canine Massage, The Future of

Canine Massage, The Future of

Job Scene In 20 Years

Do you ever wonder what the job scene might look like in 20 years? Where will the jobs be? We know the employment picture will be very different from today. And, some vocations, like PetMassage™ will grow and evolve. 

There will obviously still be opportunities in manufacturing, retail, transportation, education, and services including legal, medical, and spiritual, such as maintaining community and working with people with addictions. There will also be positions in research and development, management, politics, A-I and robotics, and travel-tourism: oceanic, terrestrial and in space.

The Quest for Meaning

We can look at the trends. And, we can recognize historical patterns. From the beginning of human cognitive awareness to as long as we as a species will be alive our paths and choices will always play over the back-beat of the primal rhythms of the human spirit. Our universal quest is our pursuit of our individual journeys to discover our life’s purpose. It is our nature. Our calling. It will be the same in 20 years and 2000 years. Who are we? Why are we here? How can we make a difference? What is it about our life; about our presence here on Earth, that is so significant that our life has meaning?

Having a business massaging dogs is an expression of, and informs us of, our humanity. It defines us. We grow into ourselves through our practice. We discover who we are; our potential for love, our potential for frustration, our potential to accommodate, and our potential to learn and mature. We recognize our part of a great awakening. Cross-species compassionate awareness. Having a business massaging dogs is a lot like marriage.

Cross Generational

While the older generations (those of us older than 27) have lower project abandon rates, that is, we stay at jobs for decades, or at least entertain that as an attractive option, millennials and the alphabet generations are more transient. Growing up multitasking as their modus operands, they needed to develop shorter attention spans simply to cope with all the input. They/we have all needed to recalibrate our cognitive function to adjust to keep up with the rapid pace. Ah: progress.

People of all generations connect with dogs in their own ways and at their own pace. They (we) are fulfilled working with dogs; helping them with their problems and facilitating solutions. Some dog issues are resolved spontaneously; some, take a few weeks. Some require years of management. Or, they take years for dog owners to accept. Either way, all legitimate support systems and services that enhance the lives and abilities of dogs will be in greater demand. 

Dogs Role

In the past 30 years we’ve witnessed dogs doing more, providing more, and being more essential in our daily life. From our mountain we see that 20 years from now, the role of dogs in peoples lives will be even more permeative. Dogs, in addition to being emotionally comforting and physically interactive, are living, breathing, personality infused “Fitbit” activity trackers. Dogs, important now, will have expanded demands and capacities to help us in the future. 

PetMassage™ Now And The Future

PetMassage™ is the vocation of the present and the (most fun and gratifying) job of choice for the future.

Learn how to massage dogs; your own and others as a business. Become a Certified PetMassage™ Practitioner by taking PetMassage™ workshops.


If you are already a Certified PetMassage™ Practitioner, get more training by retaking workshops. There is so much more to this practice than you heard in your 5-day workshop.

One student from the Foundation Level Workshop we just completed realized that by the middle of day 4, she could not take in any more information. Her proverbial bucket had filled to the brim. She was pleased to learn that for the Refresher, she did not have to take all 5 days. So, for the fee of only $100 she could repeat as much or as little of the Foundation workshop as she wanted. She immediately registered for the next Foundation workshop which will be in 2 months.

You can also repeat just the 1/2 day classes: Dog Handling in Canine Massage and/or Practitioner Gait and Body Mechanics.

Advanced And Continuing Education

Take your practice to deeper levels with the PetMassage™Advanced Level and PetMassage™ WaterWork canine aquatic massage workshops.

Gen Next

Then, when you are ready, really put your personal imprint on our world. More trained PetMassage™ Practitioners will be needed to take care of the dogs in the 2020’s-30’s-40’s. So grasp the dogs by their ears, take the initiative, and teach the next generation of PetMassage™ Practitioners. You can, as a PetMassage™ School Franchisee.

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