Chakras in your PetMassageTM practice: Releasing Creativity

Lower 3 chakras

The lower 3 chakras are the foundation for the life force and healthfulness. If they are not fully functioning, balance, harmony, ease of movement, aka wellness cannot happen above them.

Your body’s energy mechanics are a projection, a manifestation, of your creativity. Your energetic position relative to dogs is displayed in your breathing, in how you hold your shoulders, your spine, your belly / core, your knees, and your control of where you are carrying and directing your weight in your foundation (feet).


Some good questions are what is creativity, how does it contribute to well being, and where is its seat of power?

Your dog’s body is more than skin, muscles, nerves, blood and bones. There is an underlying pattern of energy that permits and controls the flow of energy. The flow begins at the ground and becomes lighter and more etheric as it flows to the sky. The higher it rises, the more complex it becomes. The body can halt the flow at any of the 8 chakras. Dogs have at least 8.

What if a body is traumatized physically and cannot figure out how to function? What if a body is traumatized emotionally and cannot figure out how to function? What if your mind gets caught in a loop, and the part of your creativity you need to find alternative thoughts is stuck? What if there were a way to access and reset the creativity button? We can use PetMassageTM to locate the source of creativity and redirect it.

Oh, yes. Jonathan is going there! Fasten your seatbelt. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Chakra ken (understanding) the creative spirit.

The 2nd, or Sexual Chakra is all about creativity. We may think of it relating primarily to reproduction. For us, continuing our species is our prime directive. Actually, the instinctual (2nd chakra) need to reproduce is found in all species. However, reproduction is only one form of creativity. The other forms that come to mind, music, drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, designing, writing, observing with awareness, maintaining a relationship, figuring out a solution, and hey, identifying the problem, are all outward expressions of our more fundamental, more divine, form of inspiration.

Creativity is essential for survival. It is essential for spiritual affluence and physical life cycles. Creative activity is the foundation and lubrication for every aspect of our livingness. Our aliveness. Your body is creatively making choices for your higher good, based on the resources it has. It maintains not just life. It maintains your connection to your roots, your past, your past generations, your past connections all the way back to the stardust that brought you. When we choose how to process food, how to process air, how to process affection, how to process living, all our past references are included in the decision making.

Humans are not the only ones who depend on the fertile sources of creativity. Every living thing creates. Everything that lives, creates. We see hilarious YouTube videos of dogs and cats making decisions online. There was a wonderful one of a fawn playing with a rabbit. Elephants creatively arrange bones of their dead. Birds use sticks as tools. Insects when working together exhibit conscious teamwork and loyalty. Plants grow and discover ways to conform to their environment. Twisting and turning to move toward sun and water are choices.

Creativity makes it all happen. Our creative juicing process gets its inertia from the 1st Chakra, the Root. The Root, like the roots of plants spreading deep underground, is our connection to our planet, Gaia.

The 2nd Chakra takes the raw information from the Root chakra and informs it, grows it, and transforms it, raising its vibration so it can function at the 3rd Chakra level, for 3rd Chakra needs. In the 2nd Chakra, the energy, the intention, the life force from the 1st, Root Chakra, becomes strong and secure enough to support and fuel your 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus.

The 2nd Chakra must be fully functioning to create the energetic fuel for your power center, for the rest of your body, and beyond-ananda. (Shout out to Swami Beyond-ananda, aka Steve Bhearman. Hi Steve!)

Your 2nd chakra and your dog’s 2nd chakra are in the pelvic girdle, around the locations of your sexual organs. So, it is called the Sexual Chakra. When the 2nd chakra creative energy is diminished, the entire body is affected.

Dogs creativity for maintaining ADLs, activities of daily living, is restricted, this could result in sexual, digestive, hormonal, and neural dysfunction. At the energetic level, our dogs are disconnected from their roots. They are unplugged. They lose the capacity to power the body. They are not grounded. They are powered down. All this is numbingly confusing to the spirit body. To not be functioning is just, wrong. It is an unnatural state. It is alarming discomfort in body and spirit. It is impotency.

The area around the vortex of the dysfunctional 2nd chakra, its center, may feel thick, disconnected, armored, cool, or be tender to touch. So naturally, our dogs may refuse to allow us to touch them in their 2nd Chakra area.

Accessing the 2nd chakra

So, if you cannot touch it or be allowed near it, how does one access the 2nd chakra?

Referral sites

Our bodies are replicated in several ways in several parts of the body: in the hands, the feet, and the ears, the face. In bodywork, we can visualize the bones in the face to represent the bones in the pelvic girdle, and by manipulating the facial structures we can affect the vitality of your sexual chakra. Have you ever wondered why caressing the inside of the wrist is sensual, or why this is the spot where perfume is applied?

2nd Chakra referral areas

Replications are in several places on your dogs body. Some of them are the ears, the tail, the wrists, the hocks, and the face. So ….

If a dog has an imbalanced gait, he just might have a 2nd Chakra situation.

If a dog has a sore on the top of his tail, he just might have a 2nd Chakra situation.

If a dog is limping due to tenderness of his paws, he just might have a 2nd Chakra situation.

If a dog has problems in his jaw, gums or teeth, he just might have a 2nd Chakra situation.

If a dog has problems learning social behaviors, he just might have a 2nd Chakra situation.

The turtle is slow as he moves to his goal

Working from behind the dog’s head, compress your dogs temporal mandibular joint between your palms. Using light pressure gently stimulate the gingiva, gums, with your fingertips. Massage all of the gums at the bases of the teeth and the spaces between them. Work the uppers in the skull and lowers in the jaw. Dogs have 42 teeth.

The release

Then, maintaining the same position with your palms under the ears on the jaw, slowly rotate your hands back and forth in partial arcs, slightly pulling and stretching the skin. As you continue, increase pressure and begin to feel the tiny movement of the mandible in its joint socket. This will release tightness and restrictions in the tendons and ligaments of the jaw and, open the pelvic 2nd chakra. When her restrictions are released your dog will have more and higher octane fuel for the solar plexus 3rd chakra in her belly.

With the release of the 2nd, you may see a spontaneous shift in what you palpate, as well as a willingness to allow your hands to rub her belly.

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