Conducting the symphony

A conductor’s job is to bring the disparate voices of the orchestra together for the purpose of creating magical moments of music. Woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, chorus, solo artists, all unite under the active intentional direction of the conductor’s baton.

Musicians follow every eye movement, each facial expression, each lift of the heel, each rise of the baton, each reach to beckon, each down turned palm to quiet. The conductor breathes life and energy into the musical event with his or her breath.

Orchestrating The PetMassage

The PetMassage practitioner’s job is to conduct the voices of the dog’s body, mind, and spirit. Each session, a work in progress. The intention is always to bring all the aspects of the dog together to create the magic of wellness. Cardiovascular, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, neurological, psychosocial, chi, prana, chakra vortexes, all align under the practitioner’s hands.

The elements of each system function better both independently and in concert; tracking and self-correcting the body-mind holistically. The dog’s body is activated: supporting, limiting, compensating, restoring, and revitalizing.


The actions of the dog’s body, as with the musicians following their conductor, follows on each of the practitioner eye movements, each facial expression, each lift of the heel, each rise of the hand, each reach to beckon, each down turned palm to quiet. The practitioner, with his or her breath, breathes life and energy into the PetMassage event. System synergies, induced cooperation, make the whole dog greater, healthier, more flexible, than any of its individual components.

PetMassage Practitioner Conductors

The music could not happen as beautifully without the conductor’s passionate and skilled interpretation.

PetMassage cannot happen without the loving, nurturing, and skillful interpretation of a trained practitioner who, through keen and empathetic observation and responsiveness, decides which skills to incorporate, in what order and for what duration.

You can be a PetMassage conductor, and orchestrate canine symphonies to professionally help the dogs where you live. To be a competent professional it takes training … the training you get in PetMassage workshops.

PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop

The PetMassage Foundation Level workshop combines everything you need to open and operate a successful canine massage business. This one course includes both training and post workshop support. You’ll get personalized hands-on training in dog massage, dog handling skills, and your gait and body mechanics. The Foundation Level course includes home study modules that cover basic canine anatomy, and business creation, development and marketing. And when you have completed the workshop you are still in training.


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