Each PetMassage session calls for its unique set of skills

It is imperative to have a diverse set of skills to draw from to be able to spontaneously accommodate the shifting and often elusive needs of each dog.


Last week I worked on Holly, a senior dark red golden retriever. The old standbys of effleurage, petrissage, and joint mobilization did not appear to be eliciting any responses. I decided to shift my attention to pathways of energy. After I stimulated several acupoints, notably, Kidney-one and some of the points along the Heart and Lung Meridians, she began accepting of my PetMassage touch and skin rolling. And then, wow! What a transformation!
Her dull coat brightened. Her cloudy eyes cleared. Her anxious labored panting eased. Her posture improved. When she walked around the room, her ears pricked forward, withers and nose raised. There was more definition in her spine. More lateral movement in her hips. She pranced, she lifting her forepaws high off the ground. Her gait was happy. She glowed. This body-mind-spirit renovation would not have happened if I had restricted my practice to Swedish-oriented massage skills. Tap into what works.
This documented transformation was brought to you by this proponent of incorporating “energy balancing alternatives for a happier, healthier pet.”

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