Every Moment is Life Defining.

Every Moment is Life Defining.

Camille, our boxer slipped while we were walking around our neighborhood. She stepped on a patch of ice hidden under the snow. Her legs flew out from beneath her. She landed hard on her hip. Cami jumped back up, shook it off, and trotted on; but I could see she was moving slower with the trace of a limp. I could tell she was stressed. She had landed on her hip; the impact reverberated across her entire body. She’d hit and bounced like a fish flopping on the ice. Her shoulders, head, and neck had been jolted. Her rib cage and all the muscles attached to it had been traumatized.

I know massage will help her. An accident like that slip and fall can easily influence her movements, and define her quality of life, for the rest of her life. Neither of us wants that as her new norm. Massage is always a life changing, life defining, event. This session was life-correcting.

Her massage was beneficial in several ways. First and significantly, it’s a de-stressor. Camille feels, breathes, and moves easier. That’s because it increases circulation, increases flexibility, and creates a stronger immune system.

This was her session:

  1. We focused on returning balance to her spine, the route of her central nervous system. I used vertebral joint mobilization (wiggling the back bones sequentially, one at a time from the back of the skull to the tail) and positional release of the neck, top of the ribs, and lumbar region.
  2. To restore ease of movement and flexibility, we employed passive joint mobilization, lifting and stretching the skin and coat around her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, stifles and hocks.
  3. To engage all the connective tissue involved with strength and stability, and reseating her internal organs, we included rocking both from side-lying and standing positions.
  4. I made sure that she was grounded, repeating the ritualized PetMassage grounding procedure several times. This helped me create a strong visual image that I could broadcast to her.

She integrated peace and balance. We challenged the trauma and its resolution became a life-enhancing experience.

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