How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence

How to Massage My Senior Dog is your instruction manual. Learn to use canine massage in the care of your aging dogs. Use massage to enhance your senior dog’s quality of life.

Have you ever looked at your dog and noticed he’s just not the same dog he used to be?  Have you ever wished you could know how he is feeling? Where does he hurt? Why is he limping, or resting on one hip?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan his body with your hands? Imagine shining a red laser MRI beam across his body. You could tell where any pain or restrictions are because it would glow and pulse.

With this book you will learn how to scan your dog’s body with your hands and be able to tell which areas are stiff and sore; and most importantly, learn what massage skills to apply.

Know the joy and satisfaction of being able to know how to massage your dog well enough to make him feel better.  Learn the skills to help you restore your dog’s

  • Health
  • Flexibility
  • Brightness of Mood
  • Youthful Vigor

Each massage session is an opportunity for you to help your dog make a little internal course correction. Their feel-good experiences do not stop when the PetMassage™ ends. As your dog continues to process each tiny shift, the benefits of massage continue to accrue.

Your Senior Dog will have increased flexibility, respiration, lymphatic drainage, circulation and, overall comfort all combine to promote positive, healthy changes in his body.


  • How to Massage My Senior Dog
  • Elements of Style
  • Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence

How to Massage My Senior Dog, 183 pages, illustrated, index, $20.00



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