Inspiration: Where does it come from?

What’s that suggestion?

Moving your hands over the dog, you listen. You are open to hearing the faint stream of suggestions that will help you make sense of what you feel and the best way to respond.

Sometimes when giving a PetMassage one feels the presence of kindred spirits. These are the vibrations, or emanations, of your and the dog in your hands’ cadres of spirit guides. All around you are your systems of unseen support. They are always there, ever present, ready to offer advice. With us, at our request, we have a vast and mighty council of experts. Your protective guardian-seers are your link to the Akasha, your combined streams of your personal vectors of universal and eternal wisdom.

Vectors of Universal and Eternal Wisdom

Every once in a while, when I am writing or giving a PetMassage, I’ll glance in front of me, and see in my periphery, the vague outlines of people and creatures drifting about where I’m working. Really, I do.

The first time I became aware of them, I was just a new human massage therapist; unsure and insecure about how I ought to massage one of my first clients. I felt a strange, yet comfortable presence. I looked up from my hands at the wall in front of me. We were not the only ones in the room. Spirits, or something I couldn’t define, were everywhere. They were next to me, floating close to the ceiling, sitting cross legged on the top of the credenza. They filled the little massage room. I felt neither crowded nor closed in. They did not take up space. They were part of the space. They were the space. They overlapped each other. Combined with each other. Slipped in and out and moved through our two bodies like neutrinos.

I felt charmed and honored. I knew they were there to coach me. How amazing that I had all these profoundly wise and gifted guides!

Talkin’ about My Guides

This was my impression: Each has a soul — is, a soul. Each has — is, on an individual journey. Each has — is, a lesson, a perspective, and has a maturely developed point of view. Each has — is, a resource for knowledge, for wisdom. Each and combined with other councils, is, here as a resource to help us. These, are the seeds of our intuition, our inspiration, and our imagination.

They were on me, in me, infusing me. They were part of me. They were/are me. They were the core nugget of godliness inspiring me, offering the insight of their shared experience…our shared experience…my shared experience, guiding my hands to the right place to do the exact right things. Guiding the dog.

You and the dog in your hands are divine beings; each the focus of your unique sets of an infinite number of points of light.

The next time you are walking in a forest, look up and all around you to the leaves. How many do you see? If each leaf represents one of the spirits in your network of guides, you are only seeing a tiny sliver of what’s available and accessible to you.

The Zone

It is the zone you are in when you are in the zone. Your hands are drawn to the exact right place with the exact right technique. It is not part of the linear, deductive, rational thought process. Your brain, rather than being the decider, is the observer and participator. Bemused. Amazed. Incredulous. Not thinking, not planning, not projecting, not trying.

Simply: Doing. 

Simply: Being. Being the massage, the connection, the facilitator, the solution, the healing.

The Sound of Music

Think of how you are transported by music. You are propelled and carried aloft by its chord progressions, its baseline, its rhythm, its journey into its story. You are informed by the music. You become the music. We all hear the same music. Each of us hears their own version of it. The music is played in our ears, on our receiver, is processed through our personality and experience.

It is the same with your spirit support systems. Your guides are your guides.

Fancy Insight

If you think it’s your intuition, that’s okay. If you think it’s your imagination that’s okay too. If you think you are pretending, that’s okay. These are just words. Sure, the meanings of these “soft” words are charged. In our overly and overtly rational culture, pretending, imagining, making stuff up, are all disparaged. Devalued. Marginalized. Dismissed as “fancy.” This fancy is real and it is all important.

When you have an insight (a view from within) it is your soul talking to you. You are hearing the coaching and affirmations of your inner guides. It is where your heartfelt intentionality comes from.

So in a world that cherishes the rational decisions and double blind studies, we need to pause and value our personal visions. These are a big part of PetMassage.

Prepare to be Amazed

While imagination and following your muse are important, you need to know the skills so that you know what to do when you are inspired. Have you heard the adage that “luck comes most often to those who have prepared for it?” Insight comes most frequently to those who know how and where to look for it.

Inspiration is the frosting on the cake, and, you still need the cake! You still need the training that is available in hands-on PetMassage workshops. You need the muscle memory that develops with practice. These are your foundations. Your base. Then, when your intuitive Graces tap into you, you have the skills to make the canine massage magic happen.

Foundation Workshop

Advanced workshop

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