Keywords vs Key Actions

When someone asks about the benefits of PetMassage for dogs, what words would you use to describe? You might use terms like relaxation, flexibility, flow, Ch’i, circulation, integrity, neuromuscular, lymphatics, drainage, quality of life, rehabilitation, and balance. There are lots more; you get the idea.

Words themselves only hint at the full and complex nature and value of PetMassage. Words define and they also limit.

Relaxation is sometimes described as the purpose of canine massage; and sometimes what the dog needs is to excite. Increase stimulation.

Our intention usually is to increase flexibility. What if the dog is too loose? Loose hips, loose patella, loose lips (sink ships), loose bowels, loose flatulence, loose belly fat (gotta lose some weight). There are many situations when assisting the dog toward tightening helps dogs increase control of their lives.

Chi, life force, needs to flow. But it needs to flow in a balanced manner. Too much of anything creates havoc in the body. Flow can be manipulated to increase or decrease. There are other examples: too much or too little water, food, exercise, sleep, attention, vaccines, medications.

Words can only cover so much. Each term contains within it the opposite, or a variable, an intended consequence or one that’s unintended. Words are tools for sharing understanding.

When we use phrases like “increasing integrity” we’re getting closer to the essence of PetMassage. Integrity is the ability to do what is intended well. Skin integrity is healthy, non-compromised skin.

Mind, body spirit integrity is a concept in our bodywork milieu. If any aspect of the dog’s body, mind, or spirit is stressed, and compromised, massage can help in its restoration.

Optimizing the quality of movement and life for each dog is the ultimate goal. Whether moving toward the yin or moving toward the yang, the goal is always to increase their comfort, health and happiness.

We could talk and talk with the most elaborate of words. And do. And, they’re just words. The actions, the effects massage has on the lives of real dogs, are what truly matter. These are key.

Compare and contrast: keywords and key actions.

Words are important; and it is more important to pay attention to what they describe. That is, the effects the actions have on dogs. Actions speak louder then words. Pay attention to what I do, not what I say.

The YouTube Video on the PetMassage Training and Research Institute channel shows a little tripod dog receiving his first massage. Please watch this little tripod dog’s video. One of his forelegs had been amputated at the shoulder. The cause is not relevant. We work with the dog as he presents to us. His entire body has since reformed to compensate. His carriage and mobility are twisted.

Just look at that little face. You can see by the expression on his face that he’s feeling relief. Support. An infusion of balance. Validation for who he is. It’s apparent that he is loved and well cared for. This is his first massage. Think of his quality of life if he’d been getting massage since his surgery!

So, the winner: key actions.

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