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Laws Concerning Canine Massage

Laws Concerning Canine Massage

Due Diligence

The due diligence that one of our students did while deciding whether to pursue a career in canine massage was very impressive. While most of us might look at the chart on the IAAMB website that shows the laws governing canine massage by state; and see that there are limitations posed where we live, and feel we are stuck, she took an alternative, more positive, action. She contacted her state vet board and calmly and objectively, stated her case. She described the benefits for dogs, their people, and veterinarians. She explained there would be no overlapping of therapeutic “turf,” and that massage is complementary to Veterinary care. And, the board sent her the following letter.

Letter from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board

Interpretation and Enforcement

The laws, as they are written, have not changed. The interpretation of the laws, as documented in the letter, is much more open and favorable. We have done this in Ohio. You can do the same where you live.

Until we have the numbers to support us to rewrite the laws, engendering a favorable and accepting interpretation will give us the freedom to practice PetMassage™ for Dogs.

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