Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

PetMassage™ Training, Students, Validated With Testimonial

PetMassage™ Training, Students, Validated With Testimonial

PetMassage™ Students Are Awesome

We’re proud of our students. Every dog massage that our graduates give demonstrates the depth and quality of the training they’ve received. They proudly post the initials CPMP after their names. It stands for Certified PetMassage™ Practitioner.

Every dog massage also demonstrates the depth and quality of their willingness to pursue their individual passions for helping dogs using massage. Helping them as they continue to grow into their passions is a pleasure. It’s like reintroducing fish who have been mucking about in contaminate lakes to a clean, clear, fresh water stream.

PetMassage™ Brand

The amazing work our students do is just as much the PetMassage™brand as our Registered Trademark and in-house produced training materials, The real value of PetMassage™ is revealed in the quality of life their canine and human clients have. Every day, all around the world, our students’ consistent excellence validates us as trainers.

Training and Mentoring

Their initial training combines a unique set of PetMassage™ skills and perspectives. The ongoing mentoring that PetMassage™ provides is the support that new CPMP’s need for success. That’s vocational and business growth, development, and success.


We just received this message from a CPMP, a recent PetMassage™ graduate.

“The attached email came through to my business address and I was so thrilled I wanted to share it with you! Alicia (the caregiver to a Great Dane, called Kramer) was the recipient of my Barktoberfest giveaway gift basket which included one free EASE Animal Massage. When I had arrived at their house, there stood Kramer (all 150 pounds), this was one of the MOST satisfying massages because this couple did not know what to expect and the dog has a history of being shy with new people and it all worked out beautifully, he literally did melt, and isn’t he just a wonderful looking dog…. I plan to post his picture in my website gallery.

Unsolicited Testimonial

‘This is the first time we’ve ever heard of an animal massage and we didn’t know what to expect! Our Great Dane can be pretty timid around new people, but Elizabeth’s calming presence had Kramer adjusting well in no time! He absolutely melted when she began the massage and almost fell asleep at one point! After the massage, her techniques left our big lanky dog feeling happy and fulfilled! It was truly a great experience for Kramer as well as for us to see him being treated so well! – Alicia L. – Ellwood City, PA

Call to Action

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