Muscle testing 

Muscle testing 

Muscle testing is a technique used in PetMassage. It’s a visual way of asking your higher consciousness for advice when your regular consciousness isn’t sure. The theory is: that there is another level of communication, of understanding, of recognition that some things are right, some wrong; some things are better for us than others.

Muscle testing is included in our PetMassage Advanced Level Workshop curriculum because when working with dogs’ energy patterns, we need to learn to trust our intuition. We cannot see and often have a very difficult time locating chakras, meridians, and identifying and palpating myofascial release plains and trigger points. Who ya gonna trust? Ghostb-? No. Yourself.

Baseline and Variations

All forms of muscle testing require that a baseline of neutrality be established. Then, testing with strength or flexibility, we can identify variations and interpret them as being positive or negative.

Linked Fingers Technique

The form that we employ is the linked fingers technique. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So, a weak link implies weakness and a strong link suggests strength. Tarzan say, “Strong, good.”

With each hand, touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your first (pointer) finger. You’ve made two “okay” signs. Link them together and pull them apart through the points where fingers and thumbs meet.

How can you use this to test anything?

Think about something you are sure about, like the phrase “My name is —-.” The link ought to stay strong when you attempt to pull your links apart. Now, think about something you are sure is incorrect, like the phrase “My name is Pablo Picasso.” The link ought to open and separate at your slightest attempt to pull your finger through.

Practice this with several variations of questions. Soon you’ll notice a pattern. You discover that you can rely on your intuitive responses as demonstrated by your strength and weakness.

Advice on Supplements and Kibble

You can ask yourself for advice on lots of topics. For example, I get overwhelmed by the chemical names on containers of supplements at our local health food store. There are differences in claims, ingredients, potencies, and manufacturers. My expertise is not nutritional supplements. It’s canine massage. So I muscle test. I’ll walk down the aisle tugging at my chain. (Could have been worded a little more PC.) Loose, loose, loose, loose, solid. There. I don’t even look at the labels anymore. I know that whatever is in that plastic container is what is best for me…even if it happens to be Evening Primrose. Evidently, my higher consciousness thinks that somewhere deep inside my inner femme must be having some issues.

Or, I’m in the dog food aisle trying to figure out which brand of kibble to buy to supplement our dogs cooked diet. None of them are great. I know that. But, one of these is the best option of this group for the health of my dogs? Loose, loose, loose, loose, loose, loose, kind of solid. There. I don’t even look at the labels anymore. I know that whatever is in that shiny bag is what is best for the ladies…even if it is kibble.

Ask and It Shall Be Given

You can ask about anything. Ask about your relationship. Ask about your job. Ask yourself if the June PetMassage Foundation Level workshop is the one you want to take to begin your new career massaging dogs as a Certified PetMassage Practitioner.

Is your chain link absolutely strong? Almost?

Now muscle test. Thought so! Register today. I’ll see you in June.

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