Natural resource

Natural resource

Dog Park

Dogs have a “natural” way to help us rediscover OUR sense of balance, well-being, and happiness.

Anastasia and I took Camille, our boxer, to a dog park. We, along with the other pet parents, watched in rapture as our dogs scrambled about on the meadow. We all had big smiles on our faces. We laughed. We pointed. We shared our dogs stories with each other. We “even give them props when they don’t do nothin’.” Dog Mom Rap YouTube The dogs ran about; playing and being real. Camille repeatedly looked over at us, bright eyed, flashing an ecstatic grin. All the dogs were doing was being dogs.

We watched them, introducing themselves, integrating themselves, sharing their little worlds in civilized peace, quiet, and social kindness.

We find joy in the lessons they show us. Peace and justice and civility are all possible among strangers who decide to be friends. At the dog park we escape from the fear, the drama, and the tragedies that impose themselves on our lives. Simply observing our dogs interacting is a “resource” for a “naturally” healing experience.

PetMassage is an enjoyable and wonderfully effective way to enhance the lives of our precious canine natural resources. The dogs we are protecting, heal US easily, completely, and naturally.

Natural Resource

Dogs are as important to us as our more recognized natural resources. Their importance to our quality of life is akin to the Grand Canyon, the coal deposits of the Appalachians, the freshwater in the Great Lakes, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the California beaches, the Florida Everglades, and Hudson River Valley. We value them. We recognize that all of these need to be protected and preserved.

This natural resource is relatable with a lot of people. There are 78.2 million owned dogs in the US. And, 44% of all families in the US own dogs

Our dogs are truly natural resources. As resources for natural healing, they need to be PetMassaged and protected.

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