Note of appreciation from a former PetMassage graduate

Note of appreciation.  Every once in a while, we get a note of appreciation for the work we are doing growing and teaching PetMassage. This is one we received last week.

“Dear Jonathan –

Thanks so much for contacting me.  Because I’m fast approaching 80, I’m slowing down a bit.  However, I want you to know that, of all the classes I took in my career, my favorite was your PetMassage.  Through the years, I studied canine massage therapy classes from everyone who taught the subject.

“Without a doubt, your class was the best one!  I loved those days in Toledo in your classroom.  I loved every word and every class you taught.

I taught a lot of canine massage therapy classes and like to think there are many people out there who no longer “pet” their special companions.

Thanks for writing.  I enjoyed hearing from you.


Thurman attended her PetMassage workshop way back in 2002. We’ve been teaching canine massage for a long time.

If you have the intent to create a canine massage and/or canine aquatic PetMassage business as a certified professional, and are deciding with whom to train, please consider PetMassage.

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