PetMassageTM Assessment strokes and touches are opportunities for travel and adventure.

Assess your dog’s body

Assessment strokes and touches are some of the ways we assess our dog’s body. When we PetMassageTM our dogs, our awareness moves with our hands. Hands and presence begin their journeys on the coat and are soon drawn to sink beneath the surface, into the tissue. We move right through the normally functioning levels to the areas calling out for our attention. Our hands and thoughts are pulled as if by a tractor beam from Star Trek. We are moving into and through our dog’s layers and layers of energetically charged pockets of memory networks. This is what assessment is.

But that’s not all; there’s more to be observed than you thought.

There is much more going on during assessment than what we see and touch. Whatever observations we make are shared with the dog. Dogs pay close attention to what they feel and they experience each touch. During their PetMassageTM they assess their bodies right along with us. In addition, they are acutely aware of how our intuitive natures are resonating with what we feel.

Dogs feel the pressure of our hands. They feel the releases from pressure. Dogs feel and are attracted to movement. They feel and are confounded by stillness. They feel their limbs stretch. They feel them contract. Dogs sense when a position feels right and good; and they let us know straight away when there is discomfort. Dogs feel all sorts of releases of muscle tension.

From us, dogs sense the quality of our presence and our intuitive connectedness. Dogs sense our balance. They are aware of our strength and physical stability. They sense our hopes, our apprehensions, and our ability to support them. They can smell our confidence. They can feel our intentions. Dogs know when we are grounded and when we are not.

Your adventure awaits

Sink onto the POI, the point of interest, that is attracting your touch. Feel, follow, and observe the movement within its fascia, as it seeks its more comfortable position. When you sense the movement in the area is complete, exhale as you allow your hands to float up as if you were completing a sonata on the piano; but only drift up to the level of the surface. Disconnecting is the signal to the dog that your session is done. So, maintain your contact and continue your PetMassageTM. Soon you will be introduced to the next deep dark secret stash of this canine’s special reserve.

The dog’s body has many hidden treasures, diamonds in the rough, all of which are fully responsive to PetMassageTM techniques. As PetMassageTM Practitioners, we have the privilege to discover POI, points of interest, and interact with their multiple facets of potentiality. Then, with loving intention, we coax and cajole them toward increased harmony, balance, and function.

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