A recent IVC Journal discussed and recommended several treatments including nutritional supplements, aroma therapy, and flower essence (Bach) therapy. These are all good and have their applications. 

Do you notice anything all these treatments have in common? They are all additive. They each add something to the body. A combination of herbs (chemicals), scents (chemical), a memory of the essence of a flower (still a chemical, albeit really diffused). 

PetMassage, on the other hand, works with what is already there, which from the purely holistic perspective, is all that is necessary to establish balance and homeostasis. With its unique set of touches and strokes, controlled stretches, compressions and releases, focused awareness of attention and intention, PetMassage simply induces what is there as the body-energetic, to function better. 

How? PetMassage works on the body fascia: the system that supports and allows for internal body communication and coordination. PetMassage touch and movements often increase the temperature within the tissues, opening vessels, allowing greater cardiovascular circulation. Increasing temperature within joint capsules encourages joints to move easier. More movement at joints/articulations means enhanced lymphatic and neuro spinal fluid movement. PetMassage also has the capacity to balance temperature within tissues, so too much heat or too much cold can be dispersed. 

PetMassage is a set of techniques that, as we said, works with the body as it presents, encouraging, opening, guiding it to use itself to function better. It provides presence, support, intention, caring, and the skills and expertise to sense where to focus, what to do, when to do it, and when to stop and allow the dog to take over on his journey toward a finer quality of life. No external chemicals, or high fructose corn syrup added.

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