PetMassage complements Vet care

The functions and objectives of PetMassage are to create balance, relaxation, harmony, greater flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone and overall comfort. PetMassage creates an environment – within the dog’s body and spirit – where all body systems (skeletal, muscular, endocrine, neurological, etc) and relationships among systems (fascial- skeletal, neuro-muscular, digestive-endocrine, etc)are optimized.
This is how PetMassage complements veterinarian care and other types of canine bodywork. Vets get to work with systems that have already been optimized, so every procedure, medication, and integrative modality they employ will be more effective.
The Foundation workshop is accredited by RAIVE, the Registry for Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Education, for continuing education credits for RVTs.

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