PetMassage for Kids After-school and Camp programs

The content for the popular after school and camp programs is the PetMassage™ for Kids 3-Part Set and a curriculum for after school and camp programs.  Educators purchase these sets with quantity discount and resell them to their students to increase their revenue. Each child is encouraged to purchase the set for their home library.

In these programs, educators follow the curriculum and lead their kids to learn important psychosocial skills. Skills that will help them interact with dogs safely and compassionately. These are social skills that work with people, too!

Kids learn

  • value and use of massage touch
  • safe animal handling skills
  • canine anatomy, and more.

The book and video lead the children through a PetMassage for Dogs Kids Workshop.  The workshop is taught with both the educator and the kids using stuffed animals. This keeps the environment safe, manageable, and liability free. Then, after everyone has learned and practiced their basic PetMassage™ skills on stuffed animals, they can return home and massage their own dogs. The accompanying audio CD has songs your kids will love.

Topics covered include:

  • PetMassage™ increases dogs’ flexibility.
  • PetMassage™ enhances circulation and muscle tone.
  • PetMassage™ helps maintain physical and emotional balance.
  • PetMassage™ helps kids to practice responsibility for their actions.
  • PetMassage™ kids learn to become more aware of their dogs, their own bodies and 5 senses.

This is endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America® as the educational material for the PetMassage™ skills merit patch.

Cost: $220 Here’s the link to purchase the PetMassage for Kids curricula and the 3-Part Set for the after school and camp programs

PetMassage patches are available as awards for completing the program.

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