PetMassage, the Profession

Is Canine Massage what you’d like to do as a profession?

PetMassage is Canine Massage vocational training, as developed for professional practitioners. It is a form with a very specific set of massage skills and styles. PetMassage begins with Swedish massage skills adapted to be appropriate for dogs. The form is strongly influenced by the practices of meditation, yoga, Tai chi, and healing touch. West meets East. You also receive instruction in canine anatomy, dog behavior, safe dog handling in a massage context, training in your body mechanics, and business development.

As you can tell, there many facets to this training. It is much more than the manual manipulation of the dog’s body. More than petting dogs. Is this truly your path?

One of the commonalities our PetMassage workshop attendees share is they’ve always felt a strong connection with animals. As children, they were the ones who intuitively cared for the animals who were sick, injured, homeless, and helpless. Pets were our best friends. Our pets were our confidants and teachers. We’d often prefer the company of pets over people.  Is this you?

Now as adults, we realize that the best way for us to feel truly fulfilled is to return to our roots.  We need to remember and go back to doing what made us happy and fulfilled when we were young. That’s our talent. Our gift. Our true-North path. We help dogs to become happier, healthier, and discover a better quality of life. Is this you, too?

PetMassage students, now Certified Practitioners, have a strong affinity to veterinary medicine.  They may harbor regrets for not having gone to veterinary school (due to discomfort with euthanasia, pharmacology, the emotional toll of working with traumatized/injured/sick dogs, or the timing or economics were wrong) or are currently veterinary professionals who now recognize that there are softer, subtler ways to encourage dogs toward wellness through massage. Do either of these describe you?

Many of our workshop attendees already have expertise in the dog world. They are accomplished groomers, trainers, dog-walkers, sitters, shelter volunteers, or have pet store experience. Many have expertise in health, massage and bodywork. They are massage therapists, physical therapists, nurses, psychologists, teachers and social workers. All helping, nurturing professions. Do you identify with any of the above?

Whatever your background and experience, learning the skills and philosophy of PetMassage will be like relearning a language you could speak and understand as a child. It is “coming home.”

PetMassage offers fast and affordable training – the vocational training – that will bring you to Practitioner Level. As a Certified PetMassage Practitioner you’ll have the skills and the opportunity to address your passion to help your dogs and the dogs in your community. Is mastering the modality of massage to help dogs what you’d like to in the next phase of your life?

If it is, let us train and guide you. With even just the completion of the First Level Foundation Program you will have the skill set with which you can create a successful canine massage business. This program includes five days of hands-on training in canine massage, dog handling, and practitioner body mechanics, and, home study modules in canine anatomy, and canine massage business creation, development and marketing. It is a complete package.

Your first step onto the path is registering and attending the PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop. The final hands on workshop for 2018 is PetMassage™ Foundation Level Program – November 8-12, 2018.  You can still register for this class.  If you cannot attend this class, there are five more scheduled in 2019. 

The focus of my life has been canine massage for over 20 years. You’ve seen my passion for this. You know the demand for trained and Certified PetMassage Practitioners is growing. That’s why you are smiling and nodding with me.

This is your tribe. Come home to PetMassage. Let me be your guide as you rediscover your path and develop your skills. It is a powerful and effective way to help dogs. Come experience a workshop. If you are willing to learn, I would like to mentor you.

I invite you to view the YouTube video of this blog and dozens more PetMassage instructional videos at PetMassage Training and Research Institute.

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