RVTs and Veterinarians PetMassageTM

Dr. Marty Becker has been encouraging you to strive to make your veterinary practice more “fear-free.” You’ve tried kneeling on the floor with your patients, greeting them at their level when they enter your clinic. You’ve tried changing your apparel so that it doesn’t have the “white coat” effect on staff, dogs, and pet owners. You’ve worked at envisioning the office experience as a dog would, ala Dr. Temple Grandin.

Here’s a suggestion that will allow you to maintain both your professionalism and your low back: integrate PetMassageTM into your practice. Massage is part of every rehabilitation protocol. Canine massage is a modality whose time has come. And it comes with its own revenue stream.

Now, take it further than just for your rehab patients. Almost all your dogs are stressed. They all have physical, environmental, biological, genetic, social, and emotional stressors. In addition to their own, they are taking on their owners stress. We all hold the memory of the little Griffon dog in “As Good As It Gets” hopping over the cracks in the sidewalk just like Jack Nicholson’s neurotic character. Dogs’ owner’s know the benefits and willingly pay for their dogs’ relaxation-for-health PetMassageTM sessions.

Take your practice past the modest objective of “fear-free” to the level where your clinic is a destination dogs want to visit. Have someone in your practice learn PetMassageTM. PetMassageTM is a “joyful experience.” Watch your canine clients clawing at the car windows as their cars pull into your parking lot. They are showing their eagerness to get inside where they can experience another of your PetMassageTM!

Our clients often dash through the office, leap onto the PetMassage table, and sit, ears pinned and grinning, trembling with eager anticipation for what they know is to come. There’s no fear here; just expressions of happy anticipation on their faces.

The Foundation Level is accredited by RAIVE, the Registry for Alternative and Integrative Education for continuing education for RVTs. We welcome DVMs. The vets who have taken our courses are enthusiastic in their praise.


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