Canine Massage for Passionate Dog People





The go-to Book for Canine Massage

If you are interested in learning about canine massage and energywork, start with this book. It is an informative and complete guide to not only performing effective massage, but to understanding how massage works on physical, emotional, and energetic levels.

I regularly use this book for reference in my Practice as a canine bodyworker. It is appropriate for beginners to advanced practitioners. I highly recommend it.

Your heart sings when you are with dogs. You are passionate about helping dogs. It’s your calling. You are Dog People.

Turn your passion into your vocation. All dogs benefit with canine massage: big dogs and little dogs, companion dogs and competition dogs, support dogs and working dogs, rescues and purebreds. With canine massage you actively engage in the care and support of dogs of all ages, all conditions, and in all circumstances. Canine Massage skills are essential in dog rehabilitation, behavior modification and for optimizing dogs quality of life and movement. Your canine massage will help dogs rediscover their health and wellness.

In this book, you will learn

  • benefits and applications for dogs and you
  • canine massage theory
  • hand and body skills
  • body and breath mechanics
  • canine behavior: understand canine signals
  • vocabulary for the canine massage vocation

Dog People: We welcome you, encourage you, and show you how to use canine massage to help dogs. This is the training manual for your canine massage practice. This is the Canine Massage for Passionate Dog People.

Would you like your book signed by Jonathan or dedicated to someone?  If that would please you, request it on the order note section.

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