Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business [Book]



Title: Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business [Book]

Author: Jonathan Rudinger, Linda Lucas Fayerweather & Anastasia Rudinger


Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business

A reader-friendly book to show you the way to success.

 The animal health care industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy. Pet owners, rehabilitation vets, trainers, and handlers are all demanding more holistic forms of wellness care. Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business is your guide to starting your own business in this industry.

Who is your market? Massage is the cornerstone of hands-on holistic animal care. More and more, veterinarians recognize the value of massage and contract trained, certified, animal massage practitioners in their clinics and rehabilitation programs.

Animal massage is spreading in popularity and demand around the world. It is now integral in

  • Animal rehabilitation
  • Sport dog/equine conditioning and maintenance, training, showing, and performance
  • Pet care
  • Elder care for dogs, horses, and cats
  • Canine aquatic facilities
  • Day spas as a supplemental service
  • Grooming as an integrated and supplemental service
  • Kennel and pet sitting/walking as a supplemental service

 This how-to-market book is unlike any other you’ve seen.

It synthesizes concepts of

  • Tried and true and current business strategies
  • Practical, everyday working experience of building the PetMassage

It is your step-by-step guide for creating and marketing your own animal massage business. The energy of this book is useful and supportive. Use this book as your personal cheerleader. Yea, You!

  • Jonathan Rudinger RN LMT, and founder of the PetMassage Institute, shares his insights, strategies –and lessons learned- of how he created his company from concept to prominence in the animal massage industry.
  • Linda Lucas-Fayerweather, MBA provides easy-to-follow forms for business plans
  • Anastasia Rudinger, CMT and Certified Rebirther offers exercises that are fun and life-affirming.

“Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business is easy to follow and a joy to read.” -SD

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  • Number of Pages: 154
  • Publisher: PetMassage™ Media
    • Edition: 
    • Date of Publication: 2004
  • ISBN-10: 0966482654
  • ISBN-13: 9780966482652

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