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Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training

Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training When I was in human massage school I loved the last six months. That’s where the magic appeared.  I realized my calling, my gift, was in the realm of “energy healing”.  My massage student friends described what they felt. They talked about the heat, the vibrations,…

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Lateral breathing in dogs

Lateral breathing in dogs Lateral breathing is often not included when we talk about breathing. We think of mouth breathing and nose breathing; chest breathing and diaphragmatic – belly – breathing. I use palmar breathing; and that’s demonstrated at Lateral breathing includes the functioning of the structures on the sides of the dog: the ribs,…

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Skills To Get Spontaneous Validation from Dogs

Are You Doing It Right? Have you ever wanted to get spontaneous validation during your canine massage? Would you appreciate the knowledge that at that moment, you were doing what the dog needed most that would enhance their life? That you were on the right spot, moving in the right direction, with the right pressure,…

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Burping in PetMassage™

What’s In A Burp? At the beginning of each PetMassage™ Foundation Level workshop we introduce ourselves to the group, sharing a little about ourselves. Students describe how their lives and passions defined them and propelled them to choose PetMassage™ for training, and find themselves part of this specific group. In a recent workshop, while one…

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