Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training

Become a More Empowered PetMassage Practitioner with Advanced Training

When I was in human massage school I loved the last six months. That’s where the magic appeared.  I realized my calling, my gift, was in the realm of “energy healing”.  My massage student friends described what they felt. They talked about the heat, the vibrations, the opening of energy gates, the sense of flow, of calm, peace, and deep relaxation, when my hands moved on and over their body.

What I just described is similar to the hands-on techniques that Jonathan teaches in the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.  Some of the modalities Jonathan teaches are described in the book “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan.  Barbara was an inspiration to us. We met her many years ago during a workshop lecture she was giving in Miami, Florida. Someone asked her how they should choose a new career. She shared with the group that when choosing a new career, it is important to recall what made you happy as a child.  She said, “Remember what activity made you feel on purpose, and do that.”

Of course, when we ask our students that question, they announce their main purpose was to be of service to dogs, love them, help them, support them to be happier and healthier.

We, Jonathan and I, welcome you to advance your hands-on skills in the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.  The workshop begins with a review of your body mechanics. After that, you will learn practical chakra balancing, pendulum testing, advanced positional release, healing touch, polarity balancing, and much more.  We end with marketing, and affirmative goal setting. It’s a wonderful 5 days. 

The home-study module of your advanced program is based on Jonathan’s experience practicing canine massage for over 20 years. This is the professional level content that will provide you with more understanding and depth of knowledge as an Advanced PetMassage Practitioner. It includes canine anatomy, medical terminology, and easy-to-learn and-remember conditions, precautions, and medical procedures that you will encounter with the dogs in your practice. 

The energy work hands-on techniques and advanced anatomy/pathology combine to benefit you, the practitioner, to be a more tuned-in facilitator for dogs and to connect more clearly, confidently, and professionally with dog owners and veterinarians. With this Program you will earn the requisite hours of training to sit for the NCBAAM national certification exam.

We invite you to register for the PetMassage Advanced Level Program (provided you attended the PetMassage Foundation Level Program). We have two PetMassage Advanced Level Programs scheduled in 2019, March 18-22, 2019 and August 12-16, 2019.

Register online and choose which workshop and how you would like to pay: full payment, deposit, or payment plan.

Anastasia Rudinger

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