Telling, Very Telling – Dog Massage

There is a significant difference of communication styles and opportunities in human and animal massage.

People can tell you what the injury is, where and how it hurts, how much pressure to exert, and what angulations to use to move to comfort.

Horses cannot tell you. They cannot share their relevant information about how or when or where they sustained injuries. They don’t have the words to describe where in their bodies they feel numbness, tightness or discomfort. You have observe how they move and the signals they give about how they are reacting and responding to your massage.

Dogs may be able to lead you to the well where Timmy fell, but they cannot tell you where they were hurt and when it happened. Dogs cannot tell you the circumstances of their perceived unjust treatment. You have to observe them closely. Watch their gait and movements when standing and sitting. Notice how they adjust their distance from people and other dogs. Notice how they are reacting and responding to your massage. To truly understand them enough to help them, you have to be open to listening to their stories.

Telling, Very Telling – Dog Massage

Cats don’t have the vocabulary to tell you, either. Or, it’s more likely that they just don’t want to share that much. Very private, cats

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