Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful.

In her book, How of Happiness , Sonja Lyubomirsky shares research that shows that maintaining a physical, written gratitude list lightens up your life. Documenting makes your thoughts concrete; real and actionable. As you practice writing your gratitude list, your life becomes happier. You’ll notice a dramatic increase in your happiness and comfort.

It is reasonable that your body naturally responds in kind to whatever you think about.
We have a choice about what we focus on. Anastasia and I would prefer that our bodies synch with the positive vibrations brought on by thinking about what we are grateful for. We make a practice of sharing with each other what we are grateful for during our evening meals.

This is a brief accounting of a recent list of things for which I am grateful:

1.  Every time I massage a dog, I am grateful for the opportunity to use my unique set of gifts to help her or him feel better

2.  Every time I teach a PetMassageTM workshop, I am grateful for the opportunity to assist our soon-to-be PetMassageTM Practitioner, aka canine light worker. on their path.

3.  Every time someone shares with me that the Transitions, PetMassageTM Energywork for the Aging and Dying Dog book has helped them through their grieving process, I am grateful to be of service.

4.  Every time we ship out an anatomical chart, we are aiding someone to learn more about canine anatomy and physiology.

5.  Every time I am invited to be interviewed about canine massage, I am grateful that I can move our industry a little more forward.

6.  Every time I look at Lola Ginabrigida, our 10 ½ year old boxer, I am grateful for the PetMassageTM skills that are keeping her vital and happy.

7.  Every time I send out a Dogs Kids PetMassageTM book, I am grateful for the opportunity to help kids relate to dogs in a healthy and loving way. PetMassageTM is a popular Girl Scouts of America® Skills Merit badge.

8.  Every time I sign a certificate of workshop or home study course completion, I am grateful for my role as mentor for my students.

9.  Every time I sign a certificate, as the IAAMB/ACWT president, for membership or the credential for an animal massage and/or bodywork school as a Preferred Educational Provider, I am grateful for the opportunity to promote and support my colleagues. and

10. Every time someone tells me that they are finding value in the little videos I post on Facebook and Twitter, I am grateful that they are getting this free continuing education. and

11. Every time someone tells me or writes to me that they are enjoying these newsletters, I am grateful for the connection we are making.

12. Every time I recognize that “aha” revelation, which is every time I massage another dog, well, you know.

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