Time is Right for PetMassage

Time is Right for PetMassage

As pet owners and caregivers, we as a culture, are evolving.  Maturing.  Becoming more aware and authentic in the way we take care of dogs.

It wasn’t so long ago that veterinarians didn’t acknowledge that dogs experienced pain and so did not provide pain medication after surgeries. We’ve fortunately moved beyond that to accepting dogs as part of the family. Not only do they – and all animals – experience pain also lots of other things i.e., apprehension, grieving, satisfaction, affection, caring, responsibility, and memories.

Now we take for granted that dogs have emotions, feelings, preferences, personalities. That dogs come into this life with talents and proclivities is another reason I’m such a believer in karma. Why are some Border Collies faster, smarter, and better at herding than others? They’ve been doing it longer. They’re journey dogs. These are dogs who, like journeymen, have successfully completed their training and apprenticeship to be qualified to do a specialized trade; like threading weave poles and changing direction, mid jump over obstacles. They’re already learned and practiced. That’s one reason they excel at their specialty during this lifetime.

Their history’s are stored in their fascia. The karmic history and everything they’ve experienced in this lifetime. In massage this is know as “muscle memory.”

PetMassage works on the dog’s mind and spirit as much as on the body. PetMassage helps release dogs that are held captive by their unconscious memories.

Which dogs benefit?  All Dogs!

Often owners only bring dogs in when dogs are old, injured, or traumatized. It;s important to remember that PetMassage is for wellness maintenance, as well. Your dogs need to have regularly scheduled massages. How often? I get a massage once a month. My dogs get massages every day. so, somewhere between once an month and once a day and your dog will be fine.

Skin integrity is compromised when skin breaks down. It could be the result of a bruise, a disease, a pressure sore, lying in acidic urine and a breakdown of tissues from incontinence.

PetMassage helps maintain and reestablish integrity of the mind, spirit as much as the body.

Like exercise, make consistent massage part your dogs overall plan to maintain body-mind-spirit integrity.

Is your dog getting regularly scheduled massages? Dogs love touch and movement. They readily embrace positive change.

Here’s a link to the YouTube version of this article:  Time is Right for PetMassage


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