Upgrading the public image

Upgrading the public image

Last month, I had 2 articles published in Massage Magazine print version and online. https://www.massagemag.com/6-essentials-for-equine-massage-marketing-success-34781/


I noted with a bit of shaken ego that the photo I had provided for their Contributors Page was a fuzzy, discolored, cropped image of a larger photo that we’d taken with an iPhone. It was neither appealing nor professional appearing. The only saving grace was that I appear to be smiling. I looked at the photos of the other contributing writers and realized that I needed to upgrade my image ASAP. Fortunately, my step daughter is a talented portrait photographer, so I asked her to shoot the session.

The difference between whether your potential clients call you or not will be based on impressions that they get from the images you publish. They believe that “what you see is what you get.” Make sure the images on your website and promotional material are as high quality as you and your services are. Have lots of images of you working and dogs smiling. They show what you do. These can be taken with your mobile device. Make sure in your photos that you show smiling faces. Project: happiness. Make sure in your photos that you show your awareness of lighting, visual balance, and aesthetics. Project:  professionalism.

Your head shot tells a lot about you.

When I look at a portrait, I feel like I am meeting the person. I (think I) see the quality of energy flowing around the person.  Do I like this person? Can I trust this person?

Your head shot, portrait, will tell the story of who you are. It will suggest that you are intelligent, trustworthy, competent, confident, serious, and that you have a sense of humor. It indicates your social awareness, your sense of style, and how you feel about yourself.

Our bodies replace themselves every 5 to 7 years

From a biological perspective, every five to seven years, all of our cells have changed. You have an entirely new and different body. Along with your new body, you’ve changed your point of view. You’ve changed your lifestyle. You’ve changed your appearance. The person you are now is far wiser, experienced and more beautiful than the one you’ve replaced. So, the person that your clients need to know about, the one who they will trust to bring their animals, is your latest and greatest current version. Show them that one!

So, if you have not had a new professionally produced portrait made in the past 5 years, I really encourage you to arrange to get one.

Professional photo session

Having your photograph portrait professionally taken is a remarkable experience.

This may not be so unusual for those of you who are of the female persuasion. For guys, though, who are not as used to engaging others help us look amazing, this was HUGE. Cheryl, my step daughter, is a master of Photoshop. www.studiochp.com

Now, I look at my image, believe what I see, and feel like a movie star.

When was the last time you updated your head shot?

Get yours done and we can hang out together on the red carpet.

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