Vagosympathetic Nerve Trunk

Full Title: Vagosympathetic Nerve Trunk

Author: Laura Lane

Date of Publication: June 30, 2015


Research Paper Text:


The deep fascia of the neck (pretracheal fascia) runs ventral to the trachea and runs laterally with an extension of the deep  fascia that forms the carotid sheath that is a special loose condensation of fascia in which the common carotid artery, internal  jugular vein, tracheal duct and the vagosympathetic trunk are located​1.​​


The sympathetic trunk is a fundamental part of the sympathetic nervous system (​ stimulates the body’s flight or fight  response).  The trunk, originating via the Vagus Nerve runs from T1­L2 and affects various parts of the body from pupil  dilation and sweat glands to the rapid functions of the lungs, heart, stomach and bladder.  A feline diagram below best  depicts the areas affected from nerves that radiate from the trunk.


As the vagosympathetic trunk affects a multitude of organs, there a many diseases associated within these pathways from  seizures (vagus nerve) to hyperthyroidism and atrial arrhythmias to name a few.


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