We just got the following request for information.

We just got the following request for information.

Message: Good morning!

My name is —-, I am seventeen and am an upcoming junior in high school. I was wondering what you could tell me about your Canine Aquatic Massage program. Can anyone attend the workshop, and if so, do they have to have a background in animal massage therapy? Thank you so much.

Initially, I thought, no, you’re too young. You don’t have the life experience to appreciate how amazing it is to care for dogs. Most of our students have put in the time. They’ve learned the lessons and are training for new 2nd or 3rd careers in PetMassage, canine water massage, or they are expanding on the careers they have.

Then, I thought about all the enthusiastic young people that are training to be hair stylists, dog groomers, and dog trainers. No one is required to have previous experience in their fields.

So yes, if you have figured out that your passion is caring for dogs, and RVT and vet schools are not possibilities, learning dry canine massage and/or canine water massage is a perfectly rational choice. It’s a great choice. So, yes. Yes. Yes.

Before you attend the workshop make sure you have access to a heated indoor pool that accepts dogs. That’s where you will be working. That’s where you will help sport dogs with their conditioning, injured dogs in their rehabilitation, obese dogs to lose weight, and older dogs who suffer from arthritis and joint mobility issues.

It’s curious that I get this request now. I’ve been witnessing firsthand how overwhelmingly stressful the decision making process is for high school kids. It’s the biggest question for Juniors and seniors. What are you going to do when you graduate? Our extended family includes a this years grad, a junior, a sophomore, and 2 fresh persons. The decisions these kids are asked to make will determine the course of the rest of their lives. The kids are stressed. Their parents are stressed: they are dealing with their baby growing up and leaving the nest. They are also stressed by college tuition sticker shock! Even their family pets need more massages so they can cope with all the tension!

The kids have so many decisions to make. Do I go to a 4 year college, or 2? Which one is the best fit? What’s the culture there? Where do I want to live: close to home or as far away as reasonable? Can I stay connected to my friends? What should I study? What am I interested in? What do I like? What do I want to do -to be- in my forever career? How long will it take? What can my family afford? That if I learn a trade until I really decide? What can I be good at? What would make me happy? What would make me money? What can I do that will make a difference, that can create value? What can I do that helps dogs?

Training onsite at the PetMassage School is about a week. Then you practice, practice, practice. Especially if you want to massage dogs at Carnegie Hall.

PetMassage workshops include a feature that we don’t talk about that much. That is, post workshop counseling support. We are here to provide advice for as long as you are practicing canine massage professionally. For free.

The PetMassage Canine Water Massage Program includes onsite training for 6 days. The full program for certification includes home study courses in basic canine anatomy and dog handling in the context of massage.

The PetMassage Foundation Level Program is 5 days of onsite training. It also includes home study courses and post workshop work.

The PetMassage Advanced Level Program is 5 days onsite, home study courses and post workshop documentations and videos.

I look forward to training you in your first career.

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