When Did You Know You Were a Healer?

When Did You Know You Were a Healer?

As canine massage practitioners we cannot claim to heal. Our manipulation of dogs bodies redistributes fluid to restore balance and function. Projecting a healing intention, infuses the entire procedure with the energy of health and wellness. Canine massage creates a friendly ecosystem within dogs bodies, which activates their own natural resources.

Our dogs’ owners often attest to their dogs’ recoveries. They see changes in their dogs so profound, happening so spontaneously, and so surprisingly, that they describe them as miraculous “healings.”

In a recent session, I was describing to the owner, what I was feeling in my palm. I had placed them on a dog’s thigh, over a recently sutured incision. A trace of fresh blood trickled through the stitches. Pale yellow fluid seeped through the flaring raw edges.

My touch was gentle, consistent, and reassuring. Heat poured into my palm. My hand felt gentle vibrations. It felt tingly; like champagne under my skin. The sensation of holding tiny, bubbly effervescence began slowly; gradually increased in activity, and then subsided. I knew the shift within the tissues was complete.

I was neither projecting nor affirming. I was witnessing. I intuitively knew the two edges had aligned and joined up with each other. They were adjusting. Tissues fusing together.

I lifted my hand. Touching thumb to middle finger, I released the heat and absorbed energy. I again rested my hand on the wound. The skin was cooler. I looked at the leg. The sutures were even and clean. The borders of the incision had lost their raw discoloration. The bleeding had stopped. The dog rested his head on his front paws, slowly closed his eyes, and drifted. The room was still. It was a moment of happy quiet grace.

The dog’s owner, watching intently, looked at me and whispered, “When did you know you were a healer?”

If we pay attention, we recognize where our journey can take us and the potential when we are aligned with our highest good.

Sometimes the reminder is overt, like in the book, Zen Flesh Zen Bones, when the master takes his staff, and whacks the student on the head. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MOMENT! REMEMBER!

Spiritual healing, a term that resonates with me and what I do, pertains to the act of healing others of their physical or emotional ailments. It’s inseparable from the physical massage. They work in tandem to disperse stagnation and stuckness at various levels. The magical force that maintains life is pure spirit. When it flows as it should, our dogs are healthy and in all ways harmonious. When it doesn’t – and we can track it – they are neither.

Through active presence and touch, we enhance the transference and diversion of their physical and spiritual energy.

This is the text message I received the next morning, with the photos accompanying this article:

“Miracle!!!!  These were beet red and inflammatory.  Look how nicely the tissue has changed. Luke has been in bliss since you left. (It was a home visit.) Thanks so much!”

After the next session 2 days later, she writes, “Hi. Good news: Luke is doing much better. (Progressing with toe touching.) So we can come to your office for his PetMassage on Tuesday. Have a blessed day. See you Tuesday at 11 am.

Tuesday afternoon, a couple of hours after his massage, she texted a video of Luke standing in their garden with his weight on all four paws. Then, through happy tears, I watched him begin trotting!

Practitioners in spiritual healing attest to the grace they themselves experience in their acts of compassion. There is an ecstatic feeling of profound Divine connectedness. We are overcome with gratitude for realizing our sense of purpose; of validation of the truth to our personal spiritual and professional path, and the choices we’ve made to get to where we are. When we access our spiritual gifts and talents and use them to heal one another, the experience is beautiful.

When I felt the reciprocal compassion in canine massage, I recognized my life’s plan. First of all, I was comforted that I had a life plan. Sharing my insights and skills, teaching PetMassage, I help dogs, and I help other dog people. Through the modeling and testimonials such as these that I share in these blogs, my books, videos, and canine massage vocational training workshops, I encourage people like you to realize your dreams.

I can help you to create a career in which you can use massage to help dogs and validate your passions to care for dogs. I also feed my spirit. I take big helpings!

Who can be a healer? Some people cannot. They aren’t ready. They came into this life with other talents; alternative agendas.

Everyone who reads this article can. I truly believe that’s the reason you’ve been guided to these words. If you haven’t already felt the gentle nudge or the whack on your topknot, here it is: I’m telling you that you are ready. You can learn canine massage and help dogs with its energy applications.

You already know the skills. You just have to be reminded. You’ll recognize them by their ease and comfort to perform.

It is possible to learn to be a canine massage healer on your own. You have the raw talent; but, like playing a musical instrument, you will never reach your full potential without instruction, training, and practice. Let’s expand on your natural talents and take them to the skills of the healer.

You may have already begun by learning some form of healing such as Reiki, Healing Touch, EFT, NLP, polarity work, and Toe Twiddling. Yes. That’s a thing. It is easier to learn with an instructor. Hey: that’s me!

In the PetMassage Foundation and Advanced Level Programs and workshops, I show you, and help you, to learn and practice the skills to be a canine massage and canine energy work practitioner.

The Foundation Program includes the basics:

  • Observation skills
  • Basic canine anatomy
  • Presence skills
  • Grounding skills
  • Canine massage and holding skills
  • Canine body language
  • Gait and body mechanics
  • Dog handling in the context of massage, and
  • Creating your dog massage business

The PetMassage Advanced Level Training focuses on the skills of a canine massage healer. At this level, you

  • Expand your observational skills to learn why, what, and how, to massage dogs.
  • Learn more in-depth canine anatomy, pathology, and medical terminology, to enable you to visualize and recognize patterns while working with vets doing rehab.
  • Learn Dousing – pendulum work to expand your palpation skills to sense meridians, chakras, relationships within fasciae, neuromuscular patterns, and concentrations and boundaries of personal space.

So, I ask you, when did you know you were a healer? More importantly, when are you going to do the work to develop your raw talents so you can use them with dogs?

Here’s the link to the schedule of workshops for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. I look forward to helping you develop your skills to be a canine massage healer.

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